Sent on a mysterious mission to a frigid wasteland, questions begin to arise. What are you looking for? What will you find? What price will you have to pay to know the truth?

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You should try memorizing the Hammer hotkeys.Its efficient & easy to memorize.

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that is true TehBoxNoob, although i think Theevina has learned by now the hotkeys, if not, you really should. It makes mapping so much quicker and easier and there are only 3 or 4 or so that you really need the most.
But i guess Theevina means inspiration, or not?

I have to be honest, the screen above doesn't look really nice, most of all it is the metal texture that you use on all walls. it looks like this is really quickly made, that is also why i wonder what you all did in those 5 hours.
I always like to help out other mappers, am mapping myself many hours daily for the last 7 years or so, so maybe i can be of some assistance? just pm me and we talk.


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Theevina Author

Part of the problem is that I have trouble getting what's in my mind translated to brushes on a map.

The other part is that this airplane moves, vibrates, has sounds, and does several things on the inside. I can't get those to work too well. Every time I fix something it breaks another thing. And then when I fix that thing, the first thing breaks. So naturally I don't have much time for detailing in my maps.

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If you keep getting problems like that, I suggest you cease development for a while and improve your skill son brush & I/O work.I had those problems too in the past, and it just takes a lot of practice to get rid off those problems.

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Like TehBoxNoob says, those things take a lot of time to get right.
and it is indeed hard to work with more then one for of entity in one moving brush. Personally i always make testmaps of difficult mappart. Just the really important brushes and nothing else.

I don't know if the player is able to look outside of the aitplane while it moves, otherwise you could think of a animated texture. so the plane is not moving but when you look outside then it looks like it is. this saves already one option of moving. vibrating is quit easy, just use a env_shake for that, you can give it different ways of moving the earth. so it doesn't look so much as a earth quake but more like your for instance in a moving plane.

much success, and should you need advice then just pm me here on moddb, because i probably don't visit this topic here that quick.


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Would you believe that it took me 5 hours to make this room? I'm not even kidding. And its scenes are still buggy, not to mention there are details still missing. I'm beginning to wonder if the last year and a half of mapping experience I've gained has really done me much good.

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