After nearly 5 years of brutal fighting between the European Union and the Russian Federation, a depression has gripped the Western World. The EU has been decimated and requires a huge amount of natural resources to rebuild their former glory. Scandinavia is the obvious solution being one of the last places in Europe capable of maintaining financial stability. Sweden and Norway agree to sign a alliance with the EU and form the SADC (Scandinavian Armed Defense Coalition).

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Automatkarbin 4 (Ak-4) (view original)

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Wikipedia: "Automatkarbin 4 (Ak 4) is a fully automatic firearms-type assault rifle used by the armed forces. The weapon is a modified Swedish version of the German Heckler & Koch G3"

-Caliber: 7.62 x51 mm NATO
-Maginzine: 20-round box drum
-Muzzle Veloctiy: 800 m/s (2,625 ft/s)
-Effective Range: 500 Meters