Battlefield: Apocalypse - A Battlefield 2 Full Conversion They say the world was green once. Trees and grass. I've seen the pictures, but it's still hard to believe. How the hell did we come to this? There are a hundred different stories, and who knows what's true and what's not any more? You see, I was born After. Never got to feel the grass between my toes or climb a tree the way my grandad talked about. For all I know, he may have been the last one from Before, and he's gone now, too. I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later. Grandad said that men always seem to find a way to destroy each other, and themselves. Seems to me that they did a hell of a job this time, and took out the whole damn planet in the bargain. I guess we're not any different now, though. No lessons learned. They say it was a real mess in The Dark, that time just After when the survivors began crawling out of their holes. The sky was blacked out by ash clouds, and almost every...

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Jul 15th, 2012

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Apr 13th, 2012

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Dec 10th, 2011

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Oct 8th, 2011

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Aug 1st, 2011

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Apr 7th, 2011

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Apr 4th, 2011

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Nov 11th, 2010

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Apr 6th, 2010

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Feb 21st, 2010

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