A mod for Battlefield 2 which converts the good old game into an airsoft skrimish. The mod is in process of moving from only singleplayer to having a multiplayer aspect.

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What kind of airsoft gun do you have? (Games : Battlefield 2 : Mods : Battlefield 2 Airsoft : Forum : Airsoft : What kind of airsoft gun do you have?) Locked
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Apr 14 2011 Anchor

You can tell us these things.

-What kind of gun do you have.
-Strength details.
-Special recognizance.
-The most valuable trophy what you shooted. :)

Apr 15 2011 Anchor

G&P M4A1

External upgrades
CA RIS system
Flip up iron sight
Rubber pad on the stock
Modified stock tube the prevents the stock from collapsing all the way in

Internal upgrades
Modify BU cylinder
Modify BU cylinder head
Modify BU nozzle
Modify BU pistonhead
Modify rotary springguide
PDI 190% spring
SHS piston
SHS 18:1 gear
Guarder Hopup rubber
Element H-roll
JG High Torque motor
Deans connectors

1x 11.1 V 1200 mAh LiPo battery (primary)
2x 7.4 V 1200 mAh LiPo batteries (Not in use, but keep them with me just in case and for lending)

Accessories and others
Red dot sight, ACOG style
Wolfeyes 6AX 260 lumens flashlight
7x G&P 80 round mags
3x Magpuls

May 28 2011 Anchor

I'm soon going to buy a CYMA 028A or a Galaxy MP5 Sklep.airsoftguns.pl (images down there) :)

Jun 15 2011 Anchor

I run with an ICS M4 Carbine (stock internals and externals). I'm going to add a handguard rail and a foregrip soon. I have a fake red-dot scope that doesn't work on it. I just use it for a better field of view when aiming. I also use a Galaxy G.1 as a secondary; a surprisingly good little springer.

Feb 19 2012 Anchor

I want to sell my CYMA and buy something else scope-compatibile, probably going to buy JG T3K3 and make it DMR-like :)

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