A mod for Battlefield 2 which converts the good old game into an airsoft skrimish. The mod is in process of moving from only singleplayer to having a multiplayer aspect.

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Dec 31 2010 Anchor

Dude this game is amazing. I have a couple of suggestions to make its better if you don't mind seeing them ill have them listed below.
1.Put some more guns.
2.Can you make any guns clear?
3.You should make it to where you take the clip out some BBs fall out.
4.Orange tips.
5.And maybe different color BBs like red, green, orange. Standards

Jan 1 2011 Anchor

Orange tips might make it look a bit more like airsoft in USA, but where I live you will not see a single guy with a clear gun or orange tip.
More guns is possible, but i requires that I can get permission to use models from other mods.
BBs falling out of mag would be cool, but it needs to be part of the animation.
I think the different colored BBs would look weird.

I will go ahead and start on the SCAR and the FAMAS.

Jan 1 2011 Anchor

Ok sounds good I was just throwing ideas out their that I know about airsoft and what i have. So do you know anything about their being any multiplayer servers going up soon?

Jan 6 2011 Anchor

"BBs falling out of mag would be cool, but it needs to be part of the animation. "
Not true!Can make that for you, it's effects work.

Jan 6 2011 Anchor

If it's possible to add an effect when you remove a mag, then please show me how.
I can do the effect i think (I got the BB texture thing I use when BB's hit something).

Jan 9 2011 This post has been deleted.
Jan 19 2011 Anchor

It actually is possible but how to do-beats me. PR has done that, FH too and look at M24 while pulling the bolt while reloading the weapon in vBF2.Only thing i don't know how to do this.

Jan 19 2011 Anchor

I found out how to do it.
It's called effect: 0 or something.

animationSystem.createBundle reload
animationBundle.isLooping 0
animationBundle.fadeInTime 0.1
animationBundle.fadeOutTime 0.3
animationBundle.addAnimation Objects/Weapons/Handheld/k98/Animations/1p/1p_k98_reload.baf
animationBundle.addEvent effect:0
animationBundle.setEventStartTime effect:0 0.791667

Then you add: ObjectTemplate.addTemplate e_shellejection_rifle
to the weapon tweak file

Feb 15 2011 Anchor

I figured it out, made a mag model and works. Almost. It ejects while firing, it looks so gay when you start firing and see mags coming out of the gun to the right side...but before that, i've made a M203 shell drop properly when reloading. I'll ask on BFEditor what's wrong.

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