Sequel to "Batman vs. Bane". The story continues... The remaining escaped convicts and supervillains have taken refugee in West Gotham, the part of Gotham destroyed by Bane's earthquake device. The supervillains are split up in sections, which has escalated into a gang war. Knowing for sure they're up to no good, Batman and the GCPD try to arrest them while also saving the innocent people still trapped inbetween the fighting sections. But knowing these supervillains, arresting them will not be a walk in the park... Coding: LinuxWolf Mapping, Sounds and Music: Ronwolf Art: DoomJedi

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"No Man's Land" released!

"No Man's Land" released!

Mar 11, 2015 3 comments

3.5 years in the making (3 years of active development), Team RayCast would like to release its latest mod: "Batman: No Man's Land". The story continues...

"Batman: No Man's Land" finished mapping

"Batman: No Man's Land" finished mapping

Oct 12, 2014 0 comments

"Batman: No Man's Land" finished it's mapping stage. Big thanks to Ron for the mapping.

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