Welcome, adventurer, to the lands of the old Empire. Once Calradia was a great empire, with good roads and low taxes, the Emperor and the peasants were friends, and land prospered. But those times are now legends and the empire is broken into many factions. Each faction has a leader, who claims the throne of Calradia, fighting other leaders to grow larger. Taking advantage of that conflicts, bandits and looters have taken control of the situation and now, only the gods may have power to restore Calradia to it's former glory. As you are a god, all factions would want you to clean Calradia of the outlaws, but you can choose your own way.

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This mod could be remade in less then five minutes.It adds little real content, of which offer many balance issues.

It's crazy fun to just dominate everyone

Nice Volvo truck you got thaaaaar. olololololol


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