These are the community mods and mutators developed for Junk wars and Ballistic Weapons, the two superb mods made by the RuneStorm team. This page is chock full of weapons, mutators and other stuff developed by the RuneStorm community.

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I'm surprised no one has done a review yet. If you are looking at this and you haven't used ballistic weapons yet. Then prepare yourself for the most fun you'll ever have in UT2004. Everything about it to how the weapons look, feel, sound, and function is just... satisfying.

So if you have a copy of UT2004 and looking for something to really spice up your game. Then play Ballistic Weapons and Sergeant Kelly's bonus weapon pack. I can't play UT2004 without it.

Thank you for introducing some serious gun porn into ut2004 XD
When one adds together the available bonus packs, expect to have so much content that you occasionally forget about some of the weapons.

A good mix of energy and ballistic weapons, and different weapon types such as agile SMG's and destrucive rocket launchers (check out the "nuclear LAW" or "shock and awe" form the prototype pack).

Tons of user options allow for plenty of tweaking of general game recoil; I found the default settings struck a nice balance, although I preferred to disable "long gun shifting" and enable "stable jump" for a greater feel of "I'm an action hero, I can only take so much realism."

A buffet of destruction with many flavors of tactical and fast-paced combat.

really, really, really great job against the standard ut2004 mechanics. Everything's getting more blooded, realistic and quite qualitatively. Even such amazing work like 'Ballistic Weapons 2.5' can be improved without adding some boring stuff.
Keep up the good work and thank you for this masterpiece!

INCREDIBLE (all I have to say) :D

Best weapon mod for UT2004, huge amount of guns(especially with Bonus Packs) and great balance. I'll never return to vanilla UT.

The best Mod Bonus Pack For Unreal tournament 2004 i want release All That stuff soon as Possible.

Amazing variation of guns! This is new experience of playing UT2004. Probably it is the best UT2004 weapon mod that has ever been created!

One of the best damn mods I have.

Even if UT2004 is an old game, this mod give it a second life with a lot of improvements and new weapons. That's why I think this mod deserves this rating ^^.

I'm giving this a 10/10 because it's the best mod I've ever played, even in games that aren't UT2004. I highly recommend this mod to anyone.

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