Azure Sheep is a single player mod for Half-Life. The player is one of the Barney guards that is on post in one of the entrances of the Black Mesa facility When the chaos starts you realize that Kate, your college, code name 'Azure Sheep' is in the complex and in big dangers. You decide to rescue her... Compatible with Steam. Download links can be found here. The above page also includes a patch to make Azure Sheep more compatible with Steam.

Review RSS Feed DarkShift says
10 DarkShift

Aug 11th, 2012 6 people agree 2 people don't

the true Half Life Blue Shift, with so many epic and unique moments. Nuff said.

Aublak says
6 Aublak

Apr 5th, 2014 3 people agree 0 people don't

I was really excited about playing this mod again. Back in 2001 it took me forever to download it. Eventually I got stuck and there was no reliable walkthrough to get me through it. I never finished it back then.

So I decided to replay it. And I regret to say that I am underwhelmed. The levels are very straight forward and linear. There is a ridiculous number of locked doors. I hate locked doors. Having Kate as an ally is more of a hassle than a help.

I find that a good mod/game is best played on the hardest difficultly. This is where the mechanics and maps should really shine and where you can really experience the intelligence and thoughtfulness of the mapper. I didn't feel that way about this mod. At times I was at the end of my rope and at other times I was breezing along. I had to use godmode several times to push through.

Enemy placement was either very good or very poor. I was often being ambushed by Vorts with reliable cover and at other times I was too much in the open, which I though was unfair. I was often exploiting the grunts weakness of extreme range by sniping them with my pistol. The 'Aliens' pulse rifle made the MP5 obsolete. After I got the HEV suit, I should have never got the MP5 in the first place. There were basically no puzzles aside from 'find the button'. The map transitions were also pretty lame.

With that said, I enjoyed the beginning most of all. Headcrabs were always well placed. The part where you had no weapons and had Kate protect you was oddly very fun. I really enjoyed my attempts at distracting a zombie while having Kate shoot him down and at the same time dodging Kate's shots. That would have been fun if that section was drawn out longer. Maybe the player could have only been given a melee weapon for a while longer. The Panthereye battle was a bit of a joke.

I don't know. I feel like there was a lot of lost potential. A lot of effort put into it. I wasn't bad really, but I had higher hopes. Blue Shift was better.

Dido_o says
10 Dido_o

Apr 3rd, 2012 4 people agree 1 person doesn't


flippedoutkyrii says
8 flippedoutkyrii

Jun 11th, 2011 2 people agree 0 people don't

This mod is jam packed with plenty of new content and surprises!

I could tell the level designers had a field day when they began mapping this mod, as many of the levels helped combine all 3 Half-lifes together. You fall out of a ceiling and meet Gordon Freeman as he comes up on a lift with some spiffy shades, you meet a scrawny Adrian Shephard as he tries to find his way back to his friends and en Barney Calhoun makes an appearence! I loved how this mod built upon the Black Mesa we came to love.

The new enemies are fun to fight and plenty of the guns make for interesting firefights.

However, leading Kate around can get irritating at times, but I was surprised to see she could actually hold up her own in firefights and even helped me a few times, so I gotta give DAV some props for that.

Something no fan of half-life should pass up :)

Qwertyus says
10 Qwertyus

Feb 3rd, 2013 2 people agree 1 person doesn't

One of the best HL mods.

Jonex_ says
9 Jonex_

Feb 25th, 2012 2 people agree 1 person doesn't

It doesn't get much better than this mod. Worthy to be it's own game.

gamefreak42 says
10 gamefreak42

Apr 27th, 2011 2 people agree 1 person doesn't

1 of the 20 greatest half life mods ever made

HWguy says
8 HWguy

Mar 3rd, 2011 1 person agrees 0 people don't

One of the coolest mods, in this mod you can re-visit areas what are in half-life, such as Black Mesa Inbound, cool mod, i like.

Now im rating:

Enemies: 7
Allies: 8
Weapons: 7
Levels: 8

Enemies are cool, i like panthereye.
Allies are cool too, the construction worker is best.
Weapons are great, i like the Chumtoad.
Levels are Awesome, my favourite is Black Mesa Inbound.

Orzie says
9 Orzie

Feb 19th, 2015 0 people agree 0 people don't

One of the top HL mods I ever played. A really decent amount of work and a lot of gameplay fun awaits every Half-Life fan in this modification. Even without an HD pack the new concepts look nice and the overall quality of graphics is just excellent. It was also fun to me that I enjoyed an HD look of Barniel even more than actual Kate's look. Pretty hot.

I guess I should also note that the mod was developed in times when Blue Shift didn't exist. It was a pity to realize that (so some locations became retconned) but it was fun at the same time to find some common feats with Blue Shift, including the cute Chumtoad.

The only point I dislike in the mod personally is the strange reimplementation of the G-man concept and all Chumtoad/Magenta Vortigaunt stuff blah blah blah. It definitely doesn't go well with the lore, but well, if we look back to the times of original HL and OP4, we can remember that there were not many things really clear about G-man (even less than now). But it was funny to remember Magenta Vortigaunts being reimplemented in Half-Life 2. This mod definitely had an influence on the original game developers.

In fact, Azure Sheep can be called "dat Blue Shift we once lost". Must have for every HL fan.

lgs says
5 lgs

Jan 19th, 2015 0 people agree 0 people don't

This mod is one long infuriating escort mission where your escort is a fragile female guard with no brains:
She will constantly stuck in geometry (tight corridors mostly)
She don't use cover like military grunts
She only have 2 alternative barks to any given situation (2 idle, 2 follow/stop, 2 combat) and it gets old really quick (you bet you'll hate the follow/stop responses).
If she dies it's game over for you, considering all of the above this will happen a lot.
She will turn hostile if you accidentally hit her in combat (so one stray bullet is auto game over too)
You can heal her but you will only encounter like 4-6 medkits in the entire game, each heals about 15-20hp which is clearly not enough.
You will find most of the time leaving here somewhere safe, clearing the level and then backtracking to get the dummy to the exit node with you.

The level design is not very great either, maps designed in such a way it's not always clear which direction is the main route and which is optional (i remember skipping some helicopter fight entirely thinking it was main route, turned out it was optional). Author absolutely loves boring zig-zag corridors with no decorations and uses them a lot. There is also huge amounts of doors most of which are there for no apparent reason, while only some of them can be opened (no way to tell, you have to try them all).
Maps has some minor glitches here and there.
The overall mood of this mod is clearly not serious and it's showing, but I'm ok with it.
On the positive note i wanted to point some cool scripted events, which i wish were more of.

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