Assassin's Mod The Retribution is a sequel to Assassin's mod for M&B With many new improvements and features, Assassinate any lord except for a king (For now) Conquer any village and then build your Assassin's HQ. Choose and upgrade your equipment. You can't recruit anyone from villages anymore, now you hire "heroes" From taverns and train them to their full rank of assassin. New Scenes Some Special Quests that you can get from your right hand in assassin's HQ And Some more.

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I love the video in this mod, it's quite epic and funny xD

Bezt Muud fur mouNnt and and and bladdde warbad until SgtCbb make aAnothher muUd that iss... ENJOjY tHhee GREATNESSs! .

This mod is so realistic when I was watching the video I thought it was the real Assassin's Creed, I was spooked for 666 days. This mod is better than the actual game, the attention to detail is that of a multi trillion dollar company, very professional, almost like a complete different game. I'd give it 21/10 if I could.

Piece of crap troll 'mod'. They spent a total of 2 minutes creating this.
This doesn't even deserve a 1/10


I have never watched a video so hilarious like this one, so, you have a 10 for me


Annihitor-The-Incred says

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Powerful! Sublime! Better yet, so incredible it's unfathomable.

It's a dog **** troll mod that is only here to waste space and possibly steal money through "donations".


Needless add on. Doesn't work.

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