Choose your side! Templar or Assassin in the Alpha version of my Assassins Creed mod! Alpha 1.5 is out!

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Dude this mod is AWESOME!

Very promising idea - That's why it's a 10; being an AC fan it's all the better, yes it's new and that's why it needs polishing, However it has potential to be special.

Looks great!

This mod sounds AWESOME!! I will try this mod at once!!!


This mod is awesome

Seriously this mod is damn good and i don't say that just because it harbors my favorite game series i`m sure that a bit of more work and 10/10 mofo.

this mod is amazing!!

i like the idea

Very promising it looks just awesome period. Looks really really awesome, good graphics and being able to choose your side Templar or Assassin, I'm a templar and i've never been able to do something like this

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