The Arc trooper mod is a total conversion for the great game Republic Commando. The finished version will include all new maps, campaign, and more.So far we have: 8 new maps All new Weapons Current Version: BETA 4.5

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Life, like a box of chocolates, is toxic to dogs.

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Status Report

Ulmont wrote: Has it been a month already? That's rather sad. I missed that month. Anyways, I'm sorry we didn't update before this. Which is odd (the long intermission between updates, that is); after all, many update-worthy things happened in this last month, none of which were released. Also, I'm writing this after Midnight, which is also odd. So, I might ramble. A bit. Just a little bit. Because I'm really tired.

I wrote that a little over a month ago. Since then, we've made a bit of progress - not as much as I'd like, but hey, I won't look a gift puma in the ears. With that in mind, I would like to say this: has it been a month already? That's rather sad. I missed that month. Anyways, I'm sorry we didn't update before this. Which is odd - the long intermission between updates, that is.

New things old again

We now have a second finished script, courtesy of our resident Thokalbian - Balkoth. This one for an island-invasion. Unfortunately, most of the team is on vacation, or having computer issues, or surrounded by cats, so progress on the actual level has yet to begin. Also, we've completed a few new animations.


Okay, so we've mentioned various computer issues recently, and I'd like to clarify them a bit. My computer got a virus in June, which I finally got rid of just a couple of weeks ago (the dastardly hooligan - it camped out in the most conspicuous place), and last week, my graphics card finally up-and-died. Right around the same time, Six's computer died. Once both Six & I are back up to snuff, we should resume or belated schedule of industrious progress.

Sorry, slow news day. Hopefully we'll have new screenshots, videos, and who knows what else in short order. ;)



Wow, sorry about all the computer problems. As for the mod, It's bound to be good, and anything good is worth waiting for so don't rush. We all like quality mods better than a trashy ones that have tons of bugs.

Keep up the good work!

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Totally agree with you

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Still looks like the most promising RC mod out there. Keept it up guys.

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i think someone has been downloading some nasty stuff ;) jokes jokes. and let the negatives come in xD

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What kind of anti-virus program do you use?
I found "F-Secure" is very good, altough it slows down a pc a bit.

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Ulmont Author

Sophos. I get it free through my college.

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