Aperture Ireland tells the story of a test subject in one of Aperture's regional branches. Solve puzzles and dodge bullets as you start to unravel the facility's dark secret.

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This mod is great. The puzzles are good although they're a bit too easy. The new elements are AWESOME. The voice acting is okay, but it sounds too much like an imitation of GLaDOS rather than just Ellen McLain, which could've been edited into GLaDOS' voice for better results. The main thing that brings this mod down from 10/10, though, is the bugginess. I don't know if it's just me or not, but I keep having to quit the game to ask the creator for help with some game-breaking problem. Of course, I don't get the answer right away (how could I expect to given that I live in a different time zone, and the creator has a life anyway?), so I have to wait a day or two before I can find out how to fix the problem and move on with the game. Ah well, at least the problems help me learn more about the buggy mess that is Source (not saying the games that it powers aren't awesome, just that it's ridiculously inconsistent and buggy to develop for), and the mod is awesome when it works.


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don't download it. don't even look at the download button. i haven't played it, but it is bad news. it clogs your hard drive by porting a bunch of portal/ hl2 content to portal 2, and it installs rad video tools (not necessary, guys!)and even puts some random source code into your steam dir. and get this: you can't even play it when it's done doing all that crap, because steam trys to update the mod, and OF COURSE that never finishes! so here's a spoiler: this stinks.

The mod contains a lot of the elements that weren't in portal 2, for a reason. Some maps made no sense at all.
The difficulty is also to low, since this is a portal 2 mod you can assume that anyone who plays this has finished portal 2. Anyone who has completed portal 2 shouldn't have a problem with this mod.

The graphics were also no where near the quality of the original game.

The greatest difficulty I found in this mod was the fact that a lot of test objects were hidden in very weird places, where you couldn't see them. Also the unexpected deaths that happened in the game a few times was something I wasn't happy about.

All in all it's only a 2/10 from me.


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