What will you do if you get stuck in a old mansion and its very dark history reveals? CHAPTER 2 IN DEVELOPMENT!

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KrustiClawn says

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- Awesome new ideas! (Paiting for example)
- Voice acting
- Well made scares
- Creative quests


- Short (although it said in the credits that more is coming)
- The ending
- A few level mistakes (a gap between planes, missing/invisible tables)
- None of the monster encounters were hard to avoid
- The cure quest


The plot is twisted and I honestly liked it. You have a huge level of creativity and I enjoyed playing this story a lot. But, like most stories, some things can be improved.

It's very short and the ending is way too easy. A note said the orb is further away than expected, but yet I found it in no-time.
I was expecting some sort of "you must find a way to destroy the orb" with some chase scenes or what ever. I touched it, clicked on the door and it was over. No challange.

Everything else is pretty simple as well. The monster encounters were easy to avoid. I admit, the grunt at the door event got me, but he didn't hit me even once.

I liked the "find me a cure" quest with the guy behind the wall, but the quest was basicly served on a silver plate! Blood and mushrooms right next to each others in one room and the only thing I had to do was boiling the blood. Once again, zero challange.

I found one gap between a couple of planes, although nothing serious and barley visible. When you get the key from the "cure guy" and enters the camp, however, at the gate you need the cards and cogwheel for, there's a lot of floating items. Probably missing table entities.

Great start! This sick twisted plot will hopefully continue in the future.

8/10 - Very good

This custom story was amazing!
The atmosphere was really good
Nice amount of monster encounters
But the only think that made this custom story not take a 10 from me
was it's ending,it didn't made any sense and it just ends there with no clue what happened next.
Amazing custom story after all!

It's okay. A bit weird thought.

A great custom story with a lot of originality, great atmosphere and good storyline. Liked the reusable inventory items. The only negative was the ending which was quite weird. What else I liked was the amount of oil, that was the exact amount a custom story should have to offer. Generally a very good custom story, and it's great for those who are tired of the common "key-and-crowbar-based" custom stories.

Another quality custom story! Keep up the great work, jamistara!

In short review it was really good compared to "Death by Fear" not saying that was bad.. it was good aswell, stil missing unique things on some parts and something new.

It was pretty basic, but atmosphere was nicely build and works nicely when playing it. Liked puzzles, map designing was really good and put a lot of work on it, still there is many empty rooms and seems little rushed on the end.

Still a really decent mod for amnesia players.

Decent & Enjoyable - 7/10

I love the story!
The level design is amazing too!

A fairly good mod.

The level design was detailed, and you used lot of models, decals and particles which is rare (and awesome).
However, as the story progressed, I could see some laziness. The outside buildings were almost only square, and the outside was lacking backgrounds. Some minor mapping mistakes as well, but most of them don't matter (fix those disappearing tables though!). And I have to scold you for the last room in the story, it was really dull.

Story was a bit naive at moments (like the beginning), but ok.

The puzzles were just a little too easy, but I loved them- I had never been frustrated, and they were intuitive. Same with monster encounters.

Some continuity problems, like entering the castle through a window. The idea is ok, but there was too big of a difference between the levels.

Three things that put me off:

The last scientist puzzle. First thing, you did something wrong and he spits words like Eminem in "Rap God" instead of talking. The sentences miss space between them.

Second thing is that the same character is totally unbelievable. I mean, instead of asking the hero for help he is like "oh hey, I'm locked in here, but if you cure me from a deathly disease I will give you a key. You don't have to free me though, it's fine in here"

The ending. It was weirdly cut off, without explanation (I know that there's a 2nd chapter incoming, but still the point stands).

Also, you didn't explain the presence of monsters at all.

To summarize, a very enjoyable mod without any actually annoying mistakes. I think I'll check out your other stories, and can't wait for second chapter.

PS. You searched for a female voice actor, but she wasn't in the story...?

Interesting story. Not very challenging puzzles and well designed levels.

I rather enjoyed playing this custom story. Only problem I had was towards the end there were some missing tables so items were floating. Other than that it was pretty scary. I am looking forward to the next one.

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