(Staying true to the original Amnesia: the Dark Descent, You begin this story having amnesia...) Darkness has descended across the land, and has polluted your mind as you are unable to remember any past events, you must find out what has happened...

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Very good custom story. I thank you kindly for not having a lot of flying naked guys!

Nice cs. Really scary but it got some Graphic bugs at the side of some doors but really really good. :D

A really bad mod. Buggy, not so well written nor built.

Keys at the most retarded places and a lot of textures that stucks into each other.


Good thing, though, the maker can use the level editor and scripts.




Awesome dude, keep working like that!

The scripts were amazing, the maps were amazing, the scares were amazing. Everything was perfect about this map. Including the story, for once.


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