Modifies most common sound files to have an additional echo effect added to them for a bit more depth in scares. In addition to these changes, you will need a quality headset with 5.1 or 7.1 surround audio for truly entertaining sound quality. If you have problems with viewing the video clip, view it directly on youtube by typing my channel name: Saq03. Into the youtube channel search.

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This is a great idea but a lazily made addon.

I listened to the sounds files from the original compared to this addon back to back, and noticed no difference, the problem is that is too "subtle" that it makes it seem lazy, the echoes should be more noticeable and less "subtle", because the maps in Amnesia are always huge and in huge places there's always a very noticeable echo, the dirt can be left alone since dirt doesn't make an echo and the step rock rev sound files already comes with an echo, but everything else needs an echo, especially metal, metal is a very noisy material and you should add echoes to all the other sound effects in the game as well, so people won't think you were being lazy, because when I saw you say that "the echoes are there but they are subtle" I just thought that, this was an excuse for you to be lazy and not put any effort into it, and it seems I might be right on that, even if the echoes are there and I'm not hearing them because I don't have my headphones set on max volume, I shouldn't have to do that just to hear echoes. Lastly, he doesn't even give every sound effect an echo, imagine hearing Daniel's hurt pants or sanity pants echo, I think that would be kinda cool to hear.

Make the echoes more noticeable, everything else that you said weren't used as often needs an echo too, and don't use subtly as an excuse to be lazy (I don't mean to be hurtful but you need to know how this is coming off to me, I expected this to make a big difference with the sound effects but I didn't hear a difference). You can leave the dirt sound effects alone since, dirt doesn't make echoes and step rock rev sound files doesn't need to be changed either, since it already has an echo. There are some sound effects that shouldn't have an echo because it would be weird, like a lot of the things in ui.


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