Alyx is a HL2 mod which takes place before HL1, during HL1, and during HL2. Experience her life from the day she was born to the day she met Gordon Freeman for the very first time. Done when it's done.

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Anywhere [OLD] Character Modeler - Free at Electromech Games

character modeler - free electromech games anywhere artists alyx development team is looking for a character modeler that can develop three character models: baby alyx, azian (alyx's mother) and a younger version of eli. we do not require you to remake the models; but a new face for azian would probably be compulsory. you don't have to be a pro, just good enough to create a good looking model. the baby model can be a normal baby model wrapped with blankets. references: thanks.

Anywhere [OLD] - at Electromech Games

- electromech games anywhere web/other roles filled. will put information back here when people are needed again. thank you.

Anywhere [OLD] Texture Artist for Props and Characters at Electromech Games

texture artist for props and characters electromech games anywhere web/other alyx development team is looking for a talented texture artist that can add some life to props! requirements are as follows: must have steam for meetings and to be able to communicate more througly must show portfolio of previous work must be dedicated to work in a team and to take critism in a good enough standard source engine work is plus

Worldwide [OLD] - at Electromech Games

- electromech games worldwide web/other all applicants have applied, if any shall change i shall let this form know.

Anywhere [OLD] 3D Modeling - Characters at Electromech Games

3d modeling - characters electromech games anywhere web/other my development team is looking for a talented 3d modeler for characters to work on the alyx, eli, azian, and random pedestrian models for the first chapter of our mod named: alyx. we're looking for someone that can export and texture their models into the source engine, and to be able to co-operate with me and other team members. please provide a portfolio, or even if you do not have a portfolio i can give you an assignment to do, then when you've finished that i'll judge it and see if you can help us with our mod.please reply here, or contact me via steam: indi_we need to finish off the character models, soundtrack, and the map, after that we're pushing for a release in episodic parts, this way we can get feedback from our players, and we can then release the full mod in a standalone package which is a definitive version of the mod. thanks.

Anywhere [OLD] Environment Artist at Electromech Games

environment artist electromech games anywhere web/other alyx development team is looking for a talented environment artist to create the level for the first chapter of "alyx". the requirements are as follows: to pay good attention to detail, making things up from your imagination, naturally. to follow a simple plan from a diagram. 2+ years of hammer experience, 1 year of experience is also applicable. a portfolio (i really cannot express how much you need this, anyone who does not have one will be denied). thank you and look forward to hearing from you!

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