You are playing as Alma. A young girl living in a castle somewhere in England. Alma's father don't like Alma and do what ever it takes to punish her if things don't turn out the way he want. Everything went even more downhill when Alma's mother left their family. You wake up in a prison cell and have a feeling you have been there before. Its like the time have been turned backwards and you have to live through a horrible part of your life again. Alma is a psychiatric story about feelings and seeing the world through the eyes of a young girl with special needs. This CS focus a lot on the story itself, so please don't rush, explore and read notes carefully. Justine patch required Credits: Chad Pain - voice acting (

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Very good story. The voice acting was great, and the map design was good as well.

this was awesome for your first custom story man and plus this was the fist custom story i ever played and it did not dissapoint good job man!

Really enjoyed this custom story ... very well done if this is indeed your first attempt!! The whole thing ran smoothly which i think is very important in a good CS. There were a one or two jumpscares which were nice and it wasn't overloaded with monsters like some CSs

Well done :)



One of the best custom stories for Amnesia. Really great!

Awesome storyline, made me reflect about some stuff that actually happens in our own world.

A good psychological story, good scares and a decent voice acting

I love the F.E.A.R. series. This game was mostly enjoyable except for the ending being sort of abrupt, the demon never being explained at all, and the forest part being repetitive and easy to get lost in.

Solid mod all around. It doesn't really give anything new or incredibly spectacular, but it has a little bit of everything and is worth your time if you've got an hour or so to kill.

Storyline-based custom stories are often excellent, however this one is not. Lemme start from the map design - big and empty areas. I didn't understand why the prison at the beginning is such a big area, this has no point in a story-based custom story. Overall gameplay is boring. A story-based CS has to immerse you into the story and into the story's atmosphere. Alma was just unable to impress me in any way.

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Very good story. The voice acting was great, and the map design was good as well.

Oct 24 2012 by Magabury