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----------------- About The Mod ----------------- All Out War is a Single player mod using the Half-life 2 engine. It is set in space on planets and in huge Space stations. You start the game off as a grunt in the UPP and are sent to eliminate the enemy but are overwhelmed by the number of the enemy and are forced to retreat. We are planning on making one mission(a couple of maps) and then creating more an more after that. The Story The year was 3019 and all the existence on the planet Mônon disappeared. Different races from all over the galaxy blamed each other for this attack but there was one group of rebels who somehow avoided suspicion. They were the only group that had anything to do with it, the group whose name strikes fear into the heart of humanoids across the galaxy, their name is whispered on street corners in fear of bringing their wrath upon you; no other name inspires such widespread fear. ESG. The ESG is an underground community that deals with people who they believe...

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