AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD is unofficial mini-mod for Allied Intent Xtended . (Allied Intent Xtended is a mod for Battlefield 2. You need to install this mod before play our mini-mod.) We provide some bugfixes, better balance, and new features. - Converted BF2 contents (include Armored Fury & Euro Force) - Enhanced Strategic AI (Powered by Void) - HAYABUSA's Custom Map - New Sounds - New Effects - New Animations - New Skins (UN vehicle skin, su-30mkk digital camo, and other skins for vehicles) - New Vehicles (MLRS, Self-Propelled Artillery, and more) - New Gun (SR-25, FAMAS-G2, M60, and more) - New Maps (Omaha Beach 2011 & Operation Chromite) - Adjusted game balance (weapon deviation, vehicle damage, lock-on distance, etc...)

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Feb 5 2013, 12:42pm Anchor

Give us your suggestions about v0.32 .
If you have a problem about download or install, go to Help / Support category.

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Feb 10 2013, 2:33pm Anchor

Suggestions for AIX2 Expansion Minimod- Increase Glock pistol damage- Bring the grappling hook and zipline back to sniper kit- Remove vBF2 weapons from selectable kits and bring back the AIX2 ones(Engineer, Anti-Tank, Medic, Support) - Make G2 FAMAS spawnable kit for UN- Increase Strela and Stinger AA following feature, cant shoot down any jets with it in this version- New texture for the Humvee/Vodnik/Ninjang MLRS's rocket launcher part (make one fitting their camo)- Add more songs to Humvee/Vodnik/Ninjang- Make a Humvee/Vodnik/Ninjang with minigun- Make a Humvee/Vodnik/Ninjang with TOW- Make a Humvee/Vodnik/Ninjang with AA- Make a Humvee/Vodnik/Ninjang with the MK19 grenade launcher (the one on the pave-low)- Remove 8x8 supply vehicle, make Humvee/Vodnik/Ninjang with supply stuff on the back- Some custom maps arent good,or it doesnt give that AIX feeling. I suggest you to remove them. The maps I want to be removed: 1) Torkre,2) Battlegrounds,3) Battleaxe,4) New City,5) Woody's Revenge,6) First Battle of Karkand- Make Humvee/Vodnik/Ninjang with CROWS system, or borrow from N@W (please!)- Give more mags to the silenced MAC11- Add the V22 Osprey on more maps- New animations for SMAW and AT4- Bring back original AIX2 RPG7, but with better texture- Give the BM21 Grad and 2S1 Govzdika in Daquing Oilfields the olive-drab camo- Proper description and game mode description for Operation Chromite and Mercs Bunker Hill- New map icon for Beriev and V22 Osprey (the minimap icon of the UAV would do)- more seats for WZ11- Convert BF2 map Insurgency on Alcatraz Island to AIX2 compatibility- Make jets only map with sea and about 3 carriers all around, one piece of land which is an airfield. Dar and foggy weather. Add also BF2 planes too with AIX ones.- Add BF2 G3A3 as spawnable kit for UN and MEC- Add Clivewil's civilian cars: Add Clivewil's Phantom 2: Add Clivewil's Corsair 2:

more suggestions coming later :)

Also Humvee CROWS can be downloaded for free use here:

Feb 16 2013, 3:39am Anchor

Thank you give your feedback to us :)
Some features in your suggestion will come on future update. like some variant of humvees, more seat for WZ-11.
BTW, Clivewill's Phantom2 and Corsair2 have already appeared on some maps(Dragon valley, Fushe Pass).


'tekktekk' - AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD Lead Developer

Feb 16 2013, 5:37am Anchor

Great to know! Also, did you know that Clivewil is making a new AC130 gundhip?


Feb 16 2013, 10:02am Anchor

Of cource, I was really looking forward to this :D


'tekktekk' - AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD Lead Developer

Feb 16 2013, 12:41pm Anchor

Thanks for considering. I really enjoyed your mod and am really looking forward for those humvee/vodnik/ninjang update.

Feb 17 2013, 4:07am Anchor

Hello, please forgive me for what I bother you again. Thank you very much for your reply. You said that you do not have enough feedback from the players, I can help you with this. I will write to you what I would like to change, add, correct AIX2 EX MiniMOD:
1) Graphics:
a) Add EBN in the following versions of Mods.
b) Increase the screen resolution over 1280 * 1024 or 1360 * 768.
c) Replace the old standard texture to the new texture of good quality, the higher resolution.
d) It is necessary to increase the range of drawing of military equipment.
2) Maps:
a) It seems to me that is too small combat units on the map. Especially their little on large maps with a lot of aircraft. (AIX_Greasy_Mullet, Daqing_oilfields, AIX_Trident and other large maps). I think it needs more Tanks and APCs, because I love the large-scale fighting in the larger maps.
b) Many cards need optimization, because they inhibit and lag. This is especially spoils the impression of the game, when you fly in a helicopter or airplane.
c) you need to edit StrategicAreas on some maps. This is to ensure that the bots appeared on all the points more evenly, depending on the number of vehicles at this point.
d) You need to add boxes of weapons on certain maps because some maps no have boxes with arms.
3) Ground vehicles and infantry:
a) I think it is necessary to increase the number of shells in Tanks from 20 to 40, as in the original BF2. (I correct it on their own, when a new version of your mod).
b) It is necessary to reduce overheating guns at BTR90.
c) It is necessary to return the missile launcher AIX_ATV, because in the new version, it is not there.
d) The problem I described in the last post: «There are problems with the Mobile Artillery and Mobile Rocket Artillery:- New Mobile Artillery and Mobile Rocket Artillery can be found very rarely, as they are situated on a small number of maps.- I think is necessary to increase the speed of rotation of the gun and a launcher.- There is a large time lag between pressing the fire button and the shot, I want that it was not.- I do not fully understand the concept of shooting Mobile Artillery and Mobile Rocket Artillery: I thought that the firing mode on new units will be the same as that of the mortar - mortar in two modes of fire: 1. The shot, flying projectile, the camera remains stationary. 2. The shot, flying projectile, the camera moves behind the projectile before its fall and explosion. In Mobile Artillery and Mobile Rocket Artillery first firing mode coincides with the first automatic fire mortar, but when I choose the second firing mode and press the fire, the camera moves along the proposed path of the projectile, but shot a projectile does not, WHY ? So it is very uncomfortable to play. I think all these deficiencies need to be corrected, because the Mobile Artillery and Mobile Rocket Artillery inefficient and useless combat units ».
e) It is necessary to reduce the Damage from 500 to 420 (usat_smaw, uslat_at4, iraqat_rpg7). Instead need to increase the number of shells from 6 to 9.
- Because APC burns and explodes with two shots. Tank burns and explodes with four shots. Maybe it's real, but it seems to play it too fast, so you need to reduce the damage.
- This bazooka has great rate of fire, because it recharges quickly, so you need to reduce the damage.
- Bots are often used bazookas. APC Tank and quickly turn into a pile of burning iron, so you need to reduce the damage.
- I do not like the following fact - bots often shoot at air targets. Bots destroy my helicopter 70% of Bazooka. That is a lot. I'm not afraid stinger, I'm not afraid tunguska, I fear Bazooka. She is my greatest enemy, because every bot on the ground shooting at my helicopter, so we need to reduce the damage.
f) It is necessary to reduce the Damage at Eryx and Predator from 750 to 560. Instead need to increase the number of shells from 3 to 5.
g) It is necessary to reduce the number of bots bazooka attack air targets by 1/3.
h) You need to change the number of patrons in aix_Portableminigun and aix_PortableMinigun_MEC from 200 to 400, as in the original AIX2. Moreover you need to bring back the sound of firing, as in the original AIX2.
4) Aviation:
a) It is necessary to reduce criticalDamage to 101 of the whole aircraft.
b) It is necessary to increase hydra on the all helicopters (ammo.nrOfMags).
c) It is necessary to increase the armor from 1000 to 1200 at aix_ka50.
d) It is necessary to increase the number of hydra in some helicopters (with ammo.magSize 8 to ammo.magSize 14, as in the original BF2).
e) It is necessary to fix the problem with recharging hydra in helicopters. When I shoot a hydra, switch to hellfire and open fire, the hydra is automatically recharged. This bug is present in those helicopters that shoot hydra pressing the space bar.
f) It is necessary to slightly increase the controllability and maneuverability of heavy helicopters (AIX_Mi24, aix_ka50, AIX_AH64, AIX_Rooivalk).
g) It is necessary to slightly increase the controllability and maneuverability of heavy combat aircraft (AIX_Su47 and others).
h) It is necessary to change and correct standard weapons of aircraft (air_su30mkk, air_j10, RUAIR_SU34, usair_f18, usair_f15, ruair_mig29). You need to add missiles, air-to-ground for the first pilot. This is because the fly on standard aircraft not interested.
Thank you very much for reading this message. I hope you consider my wishes for the next version. If all this is implemented, then AIX2 EX Minimod will be better Battlefield 4, which will soon appear. AIX2 EX MiniMOD - This is the best mod in the universe Battlefield)))!!!
Thank you very much for your work, I really appreciate your work, I wish you success in the development!)
Please, if you have the opportunity, write to me your opinion of my recommendations. I love Aix2 Ex Minimod.

Feb 24 2013, 4:48pm Anchor

To point 4c on your post :
You know that bf2 is limited since patch 1.5 at the (max) ammo per mag. part ?
Means you cant use more as 1000 (excatly 1023) shells/bullets at one magazin or bf2 and or the mod/map will crash directly or later...

@ the Mod devs
as suggestion : make all armys equal - same hit/heal points, same movement speeds and same strong.

at ESAI - same as i write before - you use the bad variant of ESAI (the server based one) try the map based version. This have more and better ways to control (special in the map modes) differend. But therefor you must change mostly all SA setups in the maps and you should remove the UCBs.

at AI - make it more aggressive to all vehicles (infantry should more fire to aircrafts and helis as excample) and makes it better for repair/heal and recives (in aibehaviours)
excample :

aiSettings.setBehaviourModifier Avoid       1.0
aiSettings.setBehaviourModifier MoveTo      1.25
aiSettings.setBehaviourModifier Idle        0.001
aiSettings.setBehaviourModifier Fire        9.0
aiSettings.setBehaviourModifier Special     4.0
aiSettings.setBehaviourModifier TakeCover   5.0
aiSettings.setBehaviourModifier Change      3.8
aiSettings.setBehaviourModifier Revive      3.5
aiSettings.setBehaviourModifier c4          3.5
aiSettings.setBehaviourModifier Special2    4.25
aiSettings.setBehaviourModifier Special3    4.25
aiSettings.setBehaviourModifier Random      0.5
aiSettings.setBehaviourModifier Triggerable 2.75

as standard weights should be an first step.

And let the infantry pickup mines/claymores and c4.
Add vehicles that can drop mines.
Place some supply points on the (your) maps.

Edited by: P4D-830

Mar 10 2013, 9:31am Anchor

4c is referring to armor,not mag size

Someone wrote:4c) It is necessary to increase the armor from 1000 to 1200 at aix_ka50.

Mar 10 2013, 7:08pm Anchor

@ Devilman
yep youre rigth - sorry my bad....

Mar 12 2013, 3:13am Anchor


Thanks for comments.
About ESAI, what is the map based ESAI?
How can i use it?


'tekktekk' - AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD Lead Developer

Mar 12 2013, 1:52pm Anchor

@ tekktekk
Map based mean what it say... its only in the map (excatly only in the "" of the map) and works without any server based installation on any server.
i.e. you add the an new Esai directory in the zip files root and place there the "embedded" core files.
Then you can add to every sp/coop mode an differend and own "" file.
That means you have - if you will use all sp/coop modes therefor - 3 differend coop and 3 differend sp startegies in one map.
You can use the normal (default) 4 map strategies (small, medium, large or huge)
or the 17 (user) variants (that comes with Esai)
or you can create and use your own startegies with any combination of this (as excample special for this map or this mode) here.

And the best - you can do this with every map without jointing problems on all servers, equal if the server has Esai installed or not.
Then you change only the strategies of that map not anything on the server side.

To see how it works you can dl this, from me modifyed xpack (patch 1.5) map - "SF Ghost Town 16-64"
and try it out for a test.

cu P4D-830

@ tekktekk
an other thing - server files update to v0.32b...
Why you made this so big - over 400 Mb ?
Ok - it is the whole server setup but why -
you change real only the "", "mod.desc" and in 2 levels the "" (information based on the client patch).
That makes only - as *.rar archive packed - 48 Mb.

and as suggestion on air vehicles, ask "Clivewil" for his new AC130 model it looks very nice.

Edited by: P4D-830

Mar 12 2013, 2:24pm Anchor

By the way....Can I ask you guys a question about modding?

Mar 13 2013, 1:42am Anchor

an other thing - sniper weapons
remove or change that or anything else like that on all sniper weapons : " 1" + "weaponTemplate.setFiringPose Lying" -
thats crap for ingame playing. Let us use this weapons on all positions (except on running) ....

Edited by: P4D-830

Apr 21 2013, 3:12am Anchor

Hello, I have a few suggestions for improvement Aix Ex Minimod v0.33. Do not get me wrong, I'm not criticizing you, I just want to see my favorite mod has become even more excellent.
1) You need to improve the behavior of bots, because they often ignore the new Mobile Artillery and Mobile Rocket Artillery. They rarely use this new military equipment. This fact spoils the impression of the game. Bots are perfectly used tanks planes helicopters but new Mobile Artillery and Mobile Rocket Artillery constantly stand at the main base empty. I beg you to improve the behavior of bots.
2) Now V0.33 Mobile Mobile Artillery and Mobile Rocket Artillery are have convenient mode of shooting. But for attack on small distance new shooting mode is uncomfortable. The old mode of shooting was very convenient for attack on small distance. I think it will be very great if you add the two modes of fire:
A) Old fire mode - The shot, flying projectile, the camera remains stationary. . (This is very convenient to attack from a small distance).
B) A new shooting mode - The shot, flying projectile, the camera moves behind the projectile before its fall and explosion. (This is very convenient to attack from a large distance).
Thank you very much for the development of this mod, I am very grateful to you. I would hope that in the future you implement my suggestions for improving this mod. (And also my old suggestions for improvement mod for v0.32)

Apr 21 2013, 5:46am Anchor

I think the mobile artillery system is fine, and the bots shouldnt use it, because they cant. They just cant adapt to the new mortar-style shot system. Whenver I get in the BM-21 Grad, I move to a perfect place, take the perfect aim, just about as I fire some silly bot comes and gets in te driver seat, spoiling all those preparations to fire on the enemy. I think bots shouldnt be able to use them at all.

Also, could you add a Huey to replace some of the blackhawks on some maps, and a Ka-60 to replace the some of the Chinese helis on some maps?

What I mean that a fast paced game like AIX needs more of lightweight transport choppers other than those huge-ass clumsy ones. I dont say remove them all, I like them too. Just around 70% of them. :)

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