AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD is unofficial mini-mod for Allied Intent Xtended . (Allied Intent Xtended is a mod for Battlefield 2. You need to install this mod before play our mini-mod.) We provide some bugfixes, better balance, and new features. - Converted BF2 contents (include Armored Fury & Euro Force) - Enhanced Strategic AI (Powered by Void) - HAYABUSA's Custom Map - New Sounds - New Effects - New Animations - New Skins (UN vehicle skin, su-30mkk digital camo, and other skins for vehicles) - New Vehicles (MLRS, Self-Propelled Artillery, and more) - New Gun (SR-25, FAMAS-G2, M60, and more) - New Maps (Omaha Beach 2011 & Operation Chromite) - Adjusted game balance (weapon deviation, vehicle damage, lock-on distance, etc...)

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Good work!


Great mod !!!


this best mode


ultimate mod

With a big nod to the legend that is AIX2 which is also the mod its built upon, this mod adds a lot of new models and sound effects. Some of the fighting in it with 64 bots on a fast machine (yes, BF2 just loves a powerful CPU, especially the AI) is the most fierce I've seen in BF2. Even approaching Project Reality levels of ultra violence. Fight !

Amazing game, the maps are well balanced, the variety of weapons and vehicles in the game is a lot and overall very fun game to play.

Very nice MOD! The Bots are the best I have ever seen. But some maps are crashing after a few Minutes for example Urban Raid.


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너무나 재밌습니다. 그런데 한가지 아쉬운점은 봇 인공지능 멍청하다는 겁니다.


AIX2 makes an already awesome game amazing! But this "minimod" takes it to a whole 'nother level!
When playing against the AI they feel so human! (that is a good thing!)
You can not play Battlefield 2_AIX2 without this!

Don't forget the map pack :)

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