In Age of Empires II you commanded countless soldiers. Now you'll see what it's like to be one of them. Enjoy the beloved AoE2 troops in amazing Warband battles!

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Teknonick says

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I love, I meen LOVEd AOE2, and to see it as a mod, AWESOME!

Sorta Spoiler Below:

I hope they have trebuckets, and can break down trees ;)

To say this mod is perfection... is an understatement.
Troops like the Champion, Paladins, Camels, Skirmishers and many others from Age of Kings has been faithfully recreated just as they were in Age of Kings. The mod also allows good tactics, as archers are only armed with a dagger in melee for example, meaning they can pretty much do nothing against a dedicated melee troop like a man-at-arms. The additions of monks is also very interesting, as a monk may be weak, but still very valuable. Even the buildings look just like the ones in Age of Empires 2!

I don't understand who could grade this with a 1!!

It's a very nice mod. A real musthave for those Age of Empires fans which own MaB Warband.

It really brings back some good memories with the troops we had in that game. And what is more, in a 1st or 3rd person views, which makes it more fresh that ever.

The addition of monks, and choosing the units by buildings are 2 great features, and unique as well inside the MaB modding.

I would like to see this mod expanded someday. Hopefully with even more features and a Singleplayer mode.


Well if you have plyed AoE when you was a kid like me, and ever wanted to fight as a blue/Paladin or Cavalier or Arbalest or the guy with the spiked stick than this is the mod for you

i Love AoE II the only but is it dosent exist offical servers but if this exist is this the best mod ever

I hope it gives siegetools in the future versions

P.S. sry because the bd english i'm come from germany

No servers up for the multiplayer. And there isn't a singleplayer.
The only reason to download this is to take up space in your computer!

It's AoE, It's Warband, It's funny. I can't ask for more.

They made a really good job on this.

Wont work no servers


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