Adrenaline Gamer is a full Half-Life Deathmatch replacement mod and is considered to be the OSP mod for Half-Life. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Adrenaline Gamer, think of it as an extension to HLDM which offers more choices, more control, more options, more features... and ultimately more fun!

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Fun to be played with lots of people =DD

So much adrenaline =D

This is the most entertaining and most versatile arena shooter ever! It easily matches Quake speed and also allows tactical and sneaking elements.

The most common modes 1on1 and teamdeathmatches in 3on3 or 4on4 are epic.

The matchfeatures are a huge addon to hldm and it also adds some other advantages.

There are a few more or less minor bugs which let me come to a rating of 10 instead of 11/10.

Please never let this mod die,thanks to it my country can be proud in gaming,because one of the best players are Bulgarian
#AGT <--------- <3



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more control, more action... More adrenaline

ı know this mod


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