A Christmas-themed Amnesia: TDD Short Story by the Timorem Team.

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Just amazing, I really liked it. It's rare to see such a good small story with no monsters these days. Great work guys and give a break to Statyk at the map scripts. He is being hammered!


halo44327 says

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I download a lot of Amnesia Custom Stories and found this one. Didn't bother reading it and went blind. First off, its a Christmas tale, so please do expect it to be related heavily. Second, very short but that does not mean horrible or bad. Its actually very touching in the whole-side. Very good job man. You really got my off guard and I did not expect what I had expected. You used a lot of customization like doors etc. Very nice voice acting too. After completing, I sat back and pondered the moment I had just completed. I was very touched. This is probably the most heart-warmth-ending of an Amnesia Custom Story I have foreseen.

The story is basically about a giving gifts and being an overall good person. The unfortunate happens and you desire to help whoever had such an event. It gives a holiday feel to it with some very sad moments going through the notes. The atmosphere in the whole part made you still unsure. When I played it, I was unsure if it was a jumpscare coming. Or a monster at all. I was really off-guarded. There was absolutely none. So do not expect monsters. Its basically really just a story-driven mod. Don't expect epic moments of going past monsters, etc. Just expect a really nice calm Amnesia Custom Story about Christmas. Its a nice break too.

I give this a 10/10. I know no custom story is perfect but its about the story and the ending what hit to me. Its not about JUST Christmas, its about giving and caring about others too. Again, nice job. Please I like to see more short stories from you. Or if you want to go further, more longer custom stories. I can see you do a great job on the mood, setting, environment, acting, and story (definitely). I do not get why people gave you less than 8/10. I think you deserve the full 10/10.

This was the cutest/saddest custom story ever!


Enyale says

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Really Beautiful.
Nice story and the voice acting were great. Good job !

This was a great custom story.
Just from the feels and the story I would give it an 8. Music too.

It was too short though. :(
I wanted to see more and feels more which made me kinda disappointed.

I kept on feeling like I heard a girl's cough and all that, don't know if it was just me or not.

Loved everything except the length, which was OK for me.
That's it for me.


Humeba says

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Aw, that was so sad! It was excellent though. In spite of havimg no monsters. I really enjoyed playing, thank you!


Really loved that story,the design and voice acting were perfect,i'm really surprised.Good job!

The most touching custom story I've ever played..
Astonishing job.


AcidInMyBrain says

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Loved it!
I was surprised when it turned out that there wasn't anything supernatural in it - but it didn't matter at all :)

The thing I wasn't too satisfied with was the inaccurate medical stuff...
1. Antibiotics wasn't discovered until 30 - 40 years later
2. Tests for pneumonia was, as far as I know, not possible at the time the story takes place in. Tests for most diseases were not possible back then (again, might be me who's wrong about this)
3. Pneumonia is easily treated even with simple antibiotics - unless it's viral, but that's another story

Still, small details! Would be lovely to see a new custom story from you guys :D


wooooooooooow no monster i thought i was scary custom stories but make it longer!

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Just amazing, I really liked it. It's rare to see such a good small story with no monsters these days. Great work guys and give a break to Statyk at the map scripts. He is being hammered!

Jan 30 2013 by plutomaniac