A Christmas-themed Amnesia: TDD Short Story by the Timorem Team.

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Just amazing, I really liked it. It's rare to see such a good small story with no monsters these days. Great work guys and give a break to Statyk at the map scripts. He is being hammered!


halo44327 says

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I download a lot of Amnesia Custom Stories and found this one. Didn't bother reading it and went blind. First off, its a Christmas tale, so please do expect it to be related heavily. Second, very short but that does not mean horrible or bad. Its actually very touching in the whole-side. Very good job man. You really got my off guard and I did not expect what I had expected. You used a lot of customization like doors etc. Very nice voice acting too. After completing, I sat back and pondered the moment I had just completed. I was very touched. This is probably the most heart-warmth-ending of an Amnesia Custom Story I have foreseen.

The story is basically about a giving gifts and being an overall good person. The unfortunate happens and you desire to help whoever had such an event. It gives a holiday feel to it with some very sad moments going through the notes. The atmosphere in the whole part made you still unsure. When I played it, I was unsure if it was a jumpscare coming. Or a monster at all. I was really off-guarded. There was absolutely none. So do not expect monsters. Its basically really just a story-driven mod. Don't expect epic moments of going past monsters, etc. Just expect a really nice calm Amnesia Custom Story about Christmas. Its a nice break too.

I give this a 10/10. I know no custom story is perfect but its about the story and the ending what hit to me. Its not about JUST Christmas, its about giving and caring about others too. Again, nice job. Please I like to see more short stories from you. Or if you want to go further, more longer custom stories. I can see you do a great job on the mood, setting, environment, acting, and story (definitely). I do not get why people gave you less than 8/10. I think you deserve the full 10/10.

This was the cutest/saddest custom story ever!


Enyale says

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Really Beautiful.
Nice story and the voice acting were great. Good job !


This was so damn sad... the sight at the gifts was so damn depressing...

I like snow. This mod has snow.
Atmosphere and detaling is great.
Lighting could be better but it's good enough.

Cons: I wanted more snow. And more mod. The mod is kinda short but I can get why it's that short.


Hollowinside says

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If you don't want to be spoiled about anything that the mod has to offer then simply click away!

Alright, so... Where to begin... Let me start off by saying that, for some reason, I am actually glad I played this custom story. Even if it is meant to be a Holiday mod and I just finished it during late August, it still din't fail to get to me. When I placed the parcel and the story ended, it took me a while to fully grasp the whole situation and the Doctor's last letter. I was there, staring at my monitor without showing any superficial signs of life for a while. What you did here is very different from the oldschool Amnesia mods, but, by all means, that does not mean it is bad - it's a whole new experience. It definitely felt like Amnesia as it still kept some of the game's original elements, but from a different perspective.

POSITIVES: A very good story. Though short in length, it does not lack of meaning, emotion and substance. Voice acting is there, and it is quite good. The level design is awesome and very well done for the most part (there were some things which didn't quite fit in to the story, such as the drawings in the upper floor being all up and down as if multiple earthquakes happened). I didn't happen to come across any music that does not already appear in the original Amnesia, but those custom sounds of the little girl scared the **** out of me. Fear Factor was actually good here which is really surprising coming from a mod with *no enemies whatsoever*. Yeap, that's right. There's not a single enemy to be encountered here, and despite this fact, the mod still manages to instill a weird sort of fear to the player. I'll have you know I was on-guard from the very first moment (after the introduction cutscene ended) to the last. I did not happen to stumble across any kind of bugs while playing this.

NEGATIVES: Other than the Doctor's 3 notes and the 2 keyes you are meant to pick up, there is literally nothing else for you to gather for yourself, which makes the whole act of exploring feel way more dull. Forcing the player to explore is always a good thing in Amnesia as it helps a lot with building tension and immersion, but the player should also be rewarded in order to feel like he/she accomplished something out of this small feat of bravery. Though you can interact with most (if not all) of the entities, having nothing to pick up for yourself indirectly promotes linearity, and this is always a bad thing, especially in games like Amnesia. Also, the fact that I couldn't pick any light source at all to take a better look at your amazing level design kinda throws it off, at least for me. It would be much better if you gave us the opportunity to look into the time and effort you put into creating the rooms, from the smaller ones to the biggest there is. The lack of subtitles during the introduction scene is also perceived as a negative point in my book.

So there you have it. Overall 8/10. It is a good score, but you could have made a much better mod with just some small, extra touches here and there.

This was a great custom story.
Just from the feels and the story I would give it an 8. Music too.

It was too short though. :(
I wanted to see more and feels more which made me kinda disappointed.

I kept on feeling like I heard a girl's cough and all that, don't know if it was just me or not.

Loved everything except the length, which was OK for me.
That's it for me.


Humeba says

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Aw, that was so sad! It was excellent though. In spite of havimg no monsters. I really enjoyed playing, thank you!


Really loved that story,the design and voice acting were perfect,i'm really surprised.Good job!

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Just amazing, I really liked it. It's rare to see such a good small story with no monsters these days. Great work guys and give a break to Statyk at the map scripts. He is being hammered!

Jan 30 2013 by plutomaniac