A mod that focuses in the years 1812-1815. Historically accurate costumes and weapons, as well as town names. You have the opportunity to choose to serve a nation (Great Britain, France, Holland or Prussia) or even found your own nation and conquer the Great Forces of that time!

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it doesen't even work. after i'm done making the backround story for my character i get a black screen.

for some reason the mod dosent work for me because just after picking your backstory the game goes permanently black

Quite good, except the fact that starting a new game causes a black screen (To all of those with the issue of having a black screen at the start, this only happens when you create a character who starts off as a nobleman.)

if you want to play campain (singleplayer) the screen just blacks out and you cant do enything custom battle crashes and multyplayer wont work (crashes as well) and in custom batle some characters dont even have a torso so loads of bugs and crashes need to be fixed i should give it a 0 but i actuly hope this game will get fixed and the idear is great so FLIPPIN FIX THIS or do nothing and no1 would like it

It just black screens after making your character.

Awesome mod! I will admit, it was hard to get into at first, but once you do, you never wanna stop playing! Most mods fail at MB singleplayer, but Waterloo Campaign knocks it out of the park! Seeing your band of warriors duke it out while you lead them is a site to see. Not only that, the musket sounds are beautiful and put MM to shame. I feel like a real leader and officer when I play. This mod is a must-download and if you don't have MB: Warband, buy it!

Well, This mod seems to have popped up over night, and with how rare a good musket-age-europe single player mod is it gets its rewards there.
I've only been playing a few minutes and I truly love it, though its obviously still in development, it has great potential and is already very nice.
The flaws are simple and make sense for an indev mod, but to help with development I'm going to go on and list how few and simple they are :D.
1. Some of the factions/people/banners still carry native names
2. Map is native, no biggie since it is basically a rough sketch of europe.
3. Most every NPC (from what i've seen, not counting soldiers) are wearing french uniforms, (I started in Prussia)
4. You start in a french uniform aswell.
5. Lack of the growing in popularity ability to enlist in armies
6. THe Prussian and British Flag got swapped along the way.
Thats about it, I havent entered combat yet but i'm sure it still basic :)
In all, its great, can't wait till its finished, it is full of new and well made equipment aswell!
Well I've played a bit longer, and sadly need to list more slight flaws :(
Britain and Hanover are at the bottom of the map, in Khergit and Sarranid maps
Tournaments are native, not a huge problem but it would awesome to see some jousting/fencing variation of tournament play.
Lords don't wear their clothes when in halls, making feasts very...shirtless
The combat is awesome!
The AI is smart, you have access to formation options, aswell as a wide array of mod options in the camp menu.Only fault in combat is lack of bayonet usage.
This mod came out of nowhere, I have no clue how much time has been put in it but by God its amazing, PLEASE keep this going!

Its good for the most part. But when you create a new character, and its a noble, you likely to encounter a black screen. Guess they couldn't let you be a noble, what with Napoleon's artillery.

Great textures!

i'd say it was an ok mod it could have been better. and whats with the A.I going in wrong historical order!!!!!!

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