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ZippyDSMlee Sep 12 2009 says:

I got to say man this is the most awesome thing I have heard in the last few years they really should have released the SDK I could not play the damn thing because its so poorly balanced.

Might I ask how you are modding the game?

Can you add weapons mods or change how you get them?
I always wanted to make a couple variants of the main Wmods, basically accuracy/speed/damage have 2 or 3 levels, level 2 and 3 have reduce a opposite stat 20-30% a level. So damage reduces speed,speed reduces accuracy and accuracy reduces damage, this tries to balance out stacking. Also IMO it would be great if you could open up weapon modding make the mod stations take money to mod, it would help if you could cap money at 2K and then have normal mods added for 500 and removed for 100,stacked mods are 1000 for level 2 and 2000 for level 3.

If you make the game more in the vain of System shock, most survival based it could well be worthwhile to have the vending machines buy back items at a reduced price.

Just some thoughts I have had on BS for the longest, keep up the great work when I cycle out wolfenstien and Batman from my playlist I'll check out your mod ASAP!!

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ZippyDSMlee Sep 12 2009 replied:

Bioshock has steam powered bio organic computer systems, also it could be possible that they try and not target pheromone concentrations since most of the insane residents are soaked in the mind altering stuff..

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ZippyDSMlee Nov 16 2008 says:

Looking at the repetitive music in FO1-2 FO3 is not that bad, tho the music types in FO1-2 did set the pace for the music which I think Inon Zur did a fair job of doing however the main theme is mispalced the rest of it fits pretty well and some of it is close to what FO1-2 had so all in all not bad not great dock it a point for missing the point of FO music.

The radio station is nice but heavy under utilized.... enclave could have civil war style American tunes, 3dog needs a dozen more swing/jazz and 30/40s pop.

Finally to comment on your music....umm...no.....its more out of place than the orchestrated main theme... but by itself its not bad....

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ZippyDSMlee Sep 9 2008 says:

Might I suggest better runnign animation.
Normally they run/dash with the arms angled out behind them, the running animation is fine for walking but when they shift to full run it needs to be "better".

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ZippyDSMlee Apr 14 2008 says:

Forgot to mention current PC release date is April 22

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ZippyDSMlee Apr 14 2008 says:

IMO faithfullness is not the problem here,they took a B movie theme that makes the first 3 games look great, then use new FPS mechanics that water things down even more.

I can handle the meek generic fiction I can not handle the meek gameplay and lack of polish.

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ZippyDSMlee Apr 1 2008 says:

dduurrr theyz make these newz now?

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ZippyDSMlee Feb 27 2008 says:

Stupid Q dose this tut change the name of the enforcers if not what code dose?

It helps me know things are working when I see the name of the cycled weapon be updated to what I replaced it with.

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ZippyDSMlee Feb 27 2008 says:

Great tut I dug it. LOL

+1 vote   tutorial: Unreal Learning #1: My First Unreal Tournament 3 Mutator
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