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Game review - 1 agree

Brilliant game - nice sounds, smooth gameplay - has that "professional" feel. My kids love the game and even the level selection is cool (flying around the solar system).



Game review - 5 agree - 2 disagree

Only played the demo but here's my review: lots of potential but lacking polish. For example in the first level the footsteps sounded like timber flooring when walking into the water. Mouse pointer was very skittish when inside a vehicle. Seems to be too many empty spaces & long walks.

Fun though, seemed like it could be an interesting story and audio log files are cool though the voice-overs were not as good as I'd expect. Quality varied but sometimes I found myself struggling to hear what was said.

Not a native game - works via Wine (however it worked perfectly for me on Linux Mint 11).


Conquest: Divide and Conquer

Game review

Love the game - good for those that like turn-based strategy games. Would give 9/10 but multi-player always seems empty.



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Great graphics, great gameplay, smooth movement & heaps of levels but ruined for me by the camera flicking direction back and forth when you hit barriers and when you try to go backwards.

Would love to see this fixed or an option for different types of camera movement - would rate this game almost a 10 with this issue fixed.



Game review - 2 agree

Brilliant if you like puzzle games - very complex interactions and an intriguing (text-based) story that unfolds as you play. Love linking the factories together.

And just when you think there's nothing new it chucks another cool game mechanic at you.