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Yanka Mar 17 2015, 6:26pm says:

Hello everyone, just a quick comment to give you some news!

I have not worked much on the project during February but right now I'm working a lot on the private beta of Episode 1 - things goes very well. Current stage of dev. is adding last details, polishing everything, finishing code, debugging and so on. The private beta for Episode 1 is about to be launched.

The private beta team is already ready and soon they will have a build. I'll organize something so some of you here get a special access too!

The first private beta build of Episode 1 will feature between 4 and 6 maps. Final version of Episode 1 will propose 10 maps. Maps will be added during updates of the beta process.

I'll write real news with more details soon.

Thanks for stalking!


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Yanka Jan 3 2015, 1:18pm says:

As a Corpse Party fan, the only thing I can say is nice work!

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Yanka Oct 29 2014, 7:59am replied:

Hello there,

about the demo thing, I'm thinking about it. Currently I'm finishing the development of the "Special Chapter" - you'll see its final name when released, I think it will probably have its own moddb page to avoid confusion (these two projects have different stories although they share a similar universe and time).

After that I'll restart to focus on the main game... I'll see for a demo then. Maybe, maybe not, I don't make promises, but I consider it seriously.

Concerning characters, I voluntary keep the secret until the release. That's why I only post screenshots of the environments I'm working on. Suspense!

Anyway thanks for your wait and your interest!

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Yanka Oct 11 2014, 9:41pm says:

Thank you, downloaded it and will give it a try. Btw awesome game you did, finished LA a few days ago, that was some good work even if I had some bugs, especially near the end. Anyway, good job guys!

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Yanka Apr 14 2014, 1:04pm replied:

Hello, if I include voice acting I'll let you know. Thanks for your interest! :)

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Yanka Apr 1 2014, 5:48pm replied:

Eheh, I think I'll keep this area as an easter egg somewhere. Just added the HUD and some text on Gimp for this scene. ;) More serious news soon guys!

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Yanka Feb 26 2014, 6:02am replied:

Hello, yes I totally understand what you mean, I already thought about how you will start the second part - you'll see!

Currently I'm working a lot on finishing the 1st part so it is released a little later this year. I may write some news in two weeks, stay tuned!

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Yanka Jan 5 2014, 4:18pm says:

Hi everybody, just a quick comment to say I'm not at home for nearly three weeks because of unpredicted & unfortunate events: that is why I could not write last month's news. I just got a phone a few days ago and a mobile internet connection a few hours ago, working on a lent (old) laptop. I'll write some real news ASAP during January, I don't know when I'll be back home. I hope things will get back "to normal" in the next two~three week. See ya all guys, thanks for your interest and, oh... creepy new year! -Yanka

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Yanka Jan 5 2014, 4:07pm replied:

Hello, yes at first it was what decided me to start this project: I wanted to make something inspired from some specific chapters in the two current PSP games, but everything has expanded. You'll see in-game when available!

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Yanka Oct 14 2013, 3:51pm replied:

Ahahah not at all, don't worry about naked guys stuff!! Thanks for watching! :)

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Yanka Jul 15 2013, 12:29pm replied:

Sorry, I won't have the time for this, please check the forums/wiki mentioned in my previous post, you will find answers!

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Yanka Jul 15 2013, 5:12am replied:

Hi, so to resume in this case I firstly gather and prepare my own textures for the map editor (i.e. using Gimp then the material editor) - when it's done, back in the map editor, I select the Primitives category (n°9) to choose the Plane tool; there I can specify my texture, set it how I want, set some properties to the surface then put it in my map. Here I just have to place it where and how I want. Not really hard but it can takes lots of time. For models and more help I suggest you to search on the great Frictional Games Forums (tons of things there, awesome community contents, etc.) and don't forget to read the Wiki too - it is really well done and covers everything, maps, models, scripting, etc. ;) See ya!

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Yanka Apr 13 2013, 3:21am replied:

Don't worry I take my time! I'll write some news very soon to give precisions on what is already completed at the moment.

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Yanka Mar 28 2013, 9:45am replied:

Thanks, I'm working a lot to get a particular/moody atmosphere on some maps, I'll upload more screenshots in the future - but not too much, I would like to keep some surprises. ;)

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