Ding, ding, I'm bot! Currently I'm creating a Total Conversion for Amnesia: TDD since early 2013, namely Cadaver Party (Introspection Festival), check the moddb page! I make games for fun since the early 00's (mostly 2D & more recently 3D as well). I love gaming and started playing games when I was veeeery young on Oric & 386. I do some localization works (ENG⇄FR) for games and apps on various platforms (PC, consoles, phones). Sometimes I create websites as well. I'm also working on others "secret" game projects right now. Drop me a line if you want to ask something, don't be shy! You can check my twitter @Yanka_Prod to get updates of my projects (generally I post 1 time per month or less). You can talk to me there too, that's the easiest way. See ya!


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