Ping! Currently the big project I'm on is a Total Conversion which uses the @[HPL2](engines:hpl2:272) engine from @[Amnesia: The Dark Descent](games:amnesia-the-dark-descent:13339). I have started this adventure in Feb. 2013, check the "Cadaver Party" project on ModDB! I've become silent on updates but do not worry, I'm still on it: I do this for me before all so I don't put myself deadlines. I also have the tendency to change, add, edit various things on a regular basis. I mainly do mapping, coding, texturing, SFX & music edit/mix. I make games for fun since the early 00's (mostly 2D stuff and 3D as well). Of course I love gaming and started playing games on Oric & 386. Sometimes I do localization works (ENG⇄FR) for games and apps on every platforms. I create websites as well. I'm always working on other stuff, maps, "secret" projects & prototypes. Drop me a line on Twitter: Yanka_Prod ... these are mainly updates about my projects, no spam nor bs. See ya!


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