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yafn Nov 2 2009, 7:59pm replied:

Waiting to for Moddb staff to approve the news posting, they say it can take a up to a few days :( Till then details can be found on the Official Announcement

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yafn Mar 18 2009, 2:56am says:

I won't be there this year, maybe next time.

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yafn Jan 4 2009, 8:59am says:

Make sure to nominate the mod before Jan. 16th for MOTY!

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yafn Dec 8 2008, 8:33am replied:

There is talk of it on the relic forums. The short version is no documentation and plugin licensing issues for the 6GB of dev tools. I wouldn't count out the Relic community modders, they started out reverse engineering relic's tools.

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yafn Sep 14 2008, 4:54pm says:

Love it! Great commentary, like watching sports, only so much better.

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yafn Sep 8 2008, 1:05am replied:

Please forgive replying to myself, but I was impressed enough with PR to download their mod, and check out their forums. There thread on the Modcast can be found here -

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yafn Sep 7 2008, 10:52pm says:

Love the different colours, hate how they are themed, so I just use red.

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yafn Sep 7 2008, 10:51pm says:

Another great show! Those PR guys were great!'s emails have saved me twice now. Sorry I was late, again.

I'm seeing some good patterns emerge. Start out with the shout outs, let everyone spam on chat. Then when the interview starts go to the slow-mo mode, conduct the interview, at the end field questions from the chat. Very nice.

I love the video's during the interview, but the lag does kick up. What about playing the video's on a service other than the one the interview is being conducted on? Maybe pre-load them so they don't have to be streamed off of Ryan's machine?

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yafn Aug 13 2008, 4:53pm says:

I voted study, because I do all of the above and then some.

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yafn Aug 11 2008, 2:11pm replied:

Sorry you got a timeout you feel wasn't fair. It's also not fair to the modders being interviewed and the people interested in their interview for fan boys spoilish behavior.

Having to comprehensively define spoiler behavior isn't needed. No ZPS talk would have to be, No ZPS talk, and no zps talk, and no z p s talk, etc., etc. spoilers aren't going to read the rules with the desire to make the experience better for everyone, but with the desire on how to spoil the experience.

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yafn Aug 10 2008, 5:47pm replied:

I agree some cool stuff can, and a bit of it did happen when the chat's are on topic and meaningful in a way which can contribute to the conversation.

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yafn Aug 10 2008, 5:45pm says:

X-play beware! Great interviews, not much stepping on each other, not to many people talking at once. I really enjoyed it and the interactive parts that can happen when interviewers can see meaningful things in the chat is very cool. I didn't have too many technical difficulties at times other than when everyone was. Just had to reload the page once. I didn't stay all the way through though so I can't speak to any of the ZPS cast. The slow-mod feature and timeouts are a great feature to have. Business software that does casting like this has additional buttons on the chats to indicate things like applause or technical problems, and displays the totals, which makes the chat a bit more useful when you're backgrounding it. I was disappointed in some of the fan boy behavior. From others' chats it is obvious that some portion of the mod playing community wants the chat's to be on topic so more interaction can happen. Stricter moderation is my suggestion.

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yafn Aug 10 2008, 2:18pm replied:

I don't think so. We have some staff that have been trying too, but dockpathing is tricky.

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yafn Aug 10 2008, 2:09pm says:

Great countdown. After all the requests for a countdown, I'm surprised no one else has commented on it yet. Maybe have it someplace on the front page?

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yafn Aug 10 2008, 2:07pm says:

Nice, I'm tracking the mod now.

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yafn Aug 2 2008, 1:53pm replied:

I tested every file uploaded, all worked for me.

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yafn Aug 2 2008, 2:43am says:

The modding phenomenon isn't really new. People have been changing the rules of games to make games more fun to them, since the beginning of game playing. The difference is the level of expertise required to mod modern (ie computer) games.

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yafn Jul 27 2008, 5:03pm says:

Good improvement, a lot less talking on top of each other. That Mario Opera music kinda freaked me out.

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yafn Jul 26 2008, 8:27pm replied:

Less mods? Seems like more mods to me.

Part of the problem I see, is when the word gets spread too well, lots of hype gets built up and it becomes hard to meet those hyped expectations. This doesn't just happen in mods, look at UT3.

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yafn Jul 24 2008, 1:21am replied:

What kind of video card do you have? Probably a shader issue. We're looking into doing something about it in the next release.

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yafn Jul 19 2008, 6:41am replied:

This version, 4.0.1 released on 04 Jul 2002? I did some searching for what version of lua on Garry's mod wiki, but got back a ton of hits.

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yafn Jul 19 2008, 5:22am replied:

As you said level design is a big subject, but even little tutorials can get people linked in the right direction.

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yafn Jul 19 2008, 12:55am replied:

My two tutorials are not editor dependent. What don't you understand?

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yafn Jul 14 2008, 11:34pm replied:

Don't worry about the popularity contest. Sandbox, coop and open source is the way of the future.

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yafn Jul 14 2008, 4:29am says:

Sorry, mistake, please delete this comment.

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yafn Jul 14 2008, 3:50am says:

I like this one. Is it old? It reminds me of one of my favorite early screen shots.

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yafn Jul 13 2008, 8:38pm says:

As a fellow modder, I really appreciated hearing Andy's and Mike's stories, and agree 100% with their advice to new modders.

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yafn Jul 13 2008, 5:17pm says:

Saw the live modcast, cool project you have here, thanks for making it open source. I'm interested to hear how having all the kids in the same sandbox at once goes.

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yafn Jul 13 2008, 4:57pm says:

Couldn't make the live broadcast, but enjoyed the recording, thanks guys!

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