Im currently trying to become a beta tester, no not just to play the mod before it comes out. I have no care for that at all. What I care for is the mod,to help improve a mod. And I don't go though a beta once, or twice, ill go though it 25 though 30 times looking for anything that would make the player unhappy. And also, unlike other beta tester's, I well test it ON vista and xp to make sure theres no errors etc. To make the game more playable for everyone.If and beta would need to be tested on Linux, I could also do that.

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1 comment by xscottx019 on Jul 25th, 2009

Iv been maping in the warcraft 3 engine for a while. Lets see some progrees from my first maps to now.
Warcraft 3 mapsWarcraft 3 maps
old maps, Before i even knew what a sky box was lol

Warcraft 3 Warcraft 3
Same maps, with alot more to them!

I dont know how "good" I am, or if im any good at all.
The only way I can tell is from your opinons.

Report abuse I cant source map.

0 comments by xscottx019 on Mar 20th, 2009

Iv tried to source map but, i just cant get a feel to it.
Its just to confusing. The VALVe sites dont help
If any one could try and teach me

I guss the only maping im any good at is warcraft 3 mapping
I can terrain
some scripts

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There are a few mods that i enjoy watching the rest dont ever seem to update, or update ever month or so.
opposing force 2
rain drop
operation black mesa

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