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xillus Oct 31 2013, 3:06pm says:

This mod inspired another mod for the youtube film Skyrim At The Movies PREDATOR!

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xillus Oct 15 2013, 8:15pm replied:

I know its unbelievable MERP a LOTR mod got C&D and it was completely fan made how could they not have a claim saying its their own work based off the original its impossible. the two things about jurassic park though that stick out are the velociraptor and trex. Every other dinosaur can be made without refering back to JP and made excellent, but the vel and trex are simply iconic, they are scary, intimidating and just exemplify the meaning of predator. Xiao Xiao sued nike for a commercial of a stick figure! can you believe that BTW JPO is back and I just read about another fan made project called Jurassic Park Origins, which has been around for years with no legal issues, it seems if you make it completely from scratch (no ripped files I suppose) and is completely non-profit anything made and released should be fine

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xillus Oct 12 2013, 2:34am replied:

here is a link to the first post of the game

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xillus Oct 12 2013, 2:33am replied:

Hey so this guy who made this cryengine game called Operation Genesis got Universal to get him to remove all content Jurassic Park related so just a heads up if you ever release this mod that you might want to not include jurassic park related phrases plus I love your jp raptor model and I want to use it when you guys release the full game for non-commercial use if not ill make my own either way cant wait for this, also keep a heads up for dj_mix_5000 and his Operation Genesis that might come back as Jurassic Island its AMAZING he has spot on 3d models with baby dinos as well and themed park models if they win their claim against Universal you should totally collaborate!

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xillus Oct 11 2013, 11:20pm says:

so what exactly happened to the facebook page and youtube account?

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xillus Oct 10 2013, 11:29pm replied:

im making this mod btw over 120 models in-game looks amazing custom blasters too working on new animations

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xillus Oct 9 2013, 4:45pm says:

hey this mod is REALLY buggy and if you run into any problems PLEASE let me know

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