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wedjeus Feb 10 2013 replied:

You have to push the first switch up, then run quickly to the second one and do the same before the chain sound stop ; then the door open and you pass under it quickly before it closes.

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wedjeus Feb 9 2013 replied:

I found Pikachu, but not others... I should try it again ^^

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wedjeus Feb 9 2013 replied:

To make a scary mod :
- Periods of calm when player fear what could happen and that don't come.
- a friendly environement that becomes scary while changing (like in "Silent hill 4 : The room")
- make the walls move so the player feels desoriented
- use objects in the decor that shouldn't be here (freaky doll, wheelchair, etc...)
- make monsters appear where you don't expect
- Time limited actions (pull lever before beeing caught by ennemy, for exemple)
- lights that suddenly switch off (or switch on... may be scary too)
- strange writings on the walls
- falling into dark and narrow pits
- disgusting textures, slimy, crawling things
- A good scary story (I suggest you read H.P Lovecraft novelsor E.A Poe)

There are a lot of "recipes" that work to scare players, but the scariest moment are when you don't expect or don't understand what will happen

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wedjeus Feb 7 2013 replied:

No jump scares in this mod ; just a very dark ambiance ! play in the dark and enjoy the creepy atmosphere. Chapter 1 is a little difficult in the end, but if you carry on, you'll enjoy this mod as everybody does.

+2 votes   mod: The Great Work
wedjeus Feb 5 2013 says:

Hello ! This mod is AMAZING !
I am stuck in chapter 4 :
I didn't put poison on the dagger I found in prison, and now, i cannot go back there. I cannot destroy heart on the altar. I am in the room with the giant statue and cannot figure how to cross the fallen bridge.
Am i stuck because i couldn't destroy the heart ?
Must i load a new game in the prison ?
is this a bug that you can go in "blue candles corridors" without poisonning the dagger ?
Thank you for the great work on this "great work" mod :)

+3 votes   mod: The Great Work
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