I started to work with CryEngine Sandbox seven years ago. (damn, already 7 years?) I also work with Game Maker.

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Vikom Nov 19 2014, 4:38am replied:

If it really looks so great, you should record one whole InGame day and release it as a screen saver. :D

+3 votes   media: lucky shot
Vikom Nov 18 2014, 2:47pm says:

Very nice!

+2 votes   media: lucky shot
Vikom Nov 18 2014, 7:55am replied:

I guess, toxic waste or agressive fish?
...or agressive waste? :D

+2 votes   media: natset4_1
Vikom Nov 17 2014, 3:25pm says:

Very nice swamp, I'm looking forward to cross it.

+3 votes   media: natset4_1
Vikom Nov 17 2014, 11:06am says:

How about the fishing? Seems it's a sequence. He gets (for example) one fish every 10 seconds, he gets fish randomly or he gets 2 fish everytime you play the sequence?
BTW, would be nice to play some jazz in background while fishing.

+1 vote   media: traders hut alpha
Vikom Nov 10 2014, 11:45am says:

Yeah, very nice. I like the yellow hue of the environment and the fog in the distance.

+2 votes   media: generic nature2
Vikom Nov 7 2014, 6:39am replied:

Further = higher price?
Does the game remember number of fish in your inventory even after changing a level?
It might be interesting to catch fish in the "beach" level and then go to (for example) some kind of "mountains" level and sell them for much higher price because there's no sea in the level.

+1 vote   media: fishingactivity
Vikom Nov 6 2014, 3:15pm replied:

Now it sounds much better, my first idea was a guy standing on a pier, who promised a different kind of meat meat to player if he caught some fish for him.
Now I like the way you came up with.

+2 votes   media: fishingactivity
Vikom Nov 6 2014, 2:48pm replied:

He gives you meat after you give him a fish? No hard feelings, that sounds a little silly for me. I'd prefer a possibility to "blend" the fish in a mixer to get a meat in a jar "from it", for example.

+1 vote   media: fishingactivity
Vikom Nov 6 2014, 12:57pm replied:

Sounds interesting. What do the caught fish do? They're a food or a selling object?

+1 vote   media: fishingactivity
Vikom Nov 5 2014, 9:34am says:

It's just an unimportant detail, but I really like it: the creaking of the bridge. Seems I understimate sounds in my developments.
A searching for diamonds? Sounds interesting, I hope player get a good reward for it. For example letter scraps from GTA V sound quite meaningless for me; to solve a mystery is nice but player gets nothing but a short mission.
Anyway, how about searching for pearls under the sea too? :D

+2 votes   media: random scenes walktrough check
Vikom Nov 2 2014, 8:15am replied:

You wanna make it so complex? :D
I was just thinking about 10 spawners/relocate TagPoints (7 for mercs, 3 for workers) and all of them catch any AI anchor.

+1 vote   media: mountains
Vikom Nov 1 2014, 3:24pm replied:

Hi, sorry for my late reply, I don't check comments too often.
Firstly you must "create" the room on the left side. A huge control panel should appear with the room. Go to the pannel and press the "use" button, that should create the tunnel.

+1 vote   mod: Past Attacks
Vikom Nov 1 2014, 5:39am says:

I'd make the camp's operation "temporarily reinforced" when he leaves and fully reinforced when a specific time passes and player is away.
"temporarily reinforced" I'd spawn some "external" guards (+ survivors) and workers who fix the camp's damage. Then while it's (for example) midnight and player is away, the "external" people disappear and the camp turns into state as before attack.

+3 votes   media: mountains
Vikom Oct 30 2014, 8:58am replied:

Some kind of sequel of Farmer Jack? :D

+2 votes   media: dusty sunset
Vikom Oct 29 2014, 6:06am says:

I really like theese screenshots.
I'm just wondering, how large is the map? Bigger than GTA III? San Andreas? Bigger than GTA V?

+5 votes   media: The City
Vikom Oct 28 2014, 9:02am says:

Good job!
How about the plant hanging off the pillar? Is it climbable? ;)

+2 votes   media: moontest
Vikom Oct 17 2014, 1:57am says:

Those look very interesting. I'm looking forward to climb on them.

+4 votes   media: radar
Vikom Sep 28 2014, 10:20am replied:

Grab a beer... Grab a beer... Grab a...wait! Why don't you make it possible InGame? :D
How about an "automatic weapon" that refills stamina while "shooting" and adds a moderate yellow blur? ;)

+2 votes   media: wooden support3
Vikom Sep 23 2014, 10:24am replied:

Looks good anyway.

0 votes   media: observatory indoor2
Vikom Sep 15 2014, 12:48am says:

Amazing! I really like it.

+3 votes   media: AQP City, Heroes also have a Dark Side
Vikom Sep 5 2014, 3:49am replied:

Or maybe he could even hide inside the truck. ;)
Maybe in a box or container?

+3 votes   media: short test
Vikom Sep 4 2014, 9:11am says:

Do they react anytime they see player or only when he holds a gun?
I got three ideas that might be impossible to reach but it would be cool.
When player holds no weapon, that would be awesome if the guard could come to him and tell him to get out of there (or punch him?)
Or they might throw a rock at him? (in case it can hurt the player)
And the last one, when the gate is closed, they could throw a grenade over it.
Anyway, I like it globally.

+2 votes   media: short test
Vikom Aug 29 2014, 2:02pm says:

I voted for "Other"
So, I think the prize should be fame. I mean - reviews in most of gaming magazines/websites/blogs, let's plays, walkthroughts etc.

+1 vote   poll: MOTY Prizes You choose!
Vikom Aug 25 2014, 6:23am replied:

Yeah, AI has a cruel sense of humor.
You should make them a revenge with a placeable explosive trigger under the toilet. :D

+2 votes   media: bastard AI
Vikom Jul 17 2014, 12:56pm says:

A real life map? Amazing!

+6 votes   article: Started a new project - the map 'Project 2014'
Vikom Jun 30 2014, 5:15am replied:

Link doesn't work.

+2 votes   media: puddle
Vikom Jun 28 2014, 3:26pm says:

Looks like in real.

+3 votes   media: Leveldesign
Vikom Jun 23 2014, 1:08am replied:

What do you mean? The alpha? Earlier you said, you don't have time, so I wasn't thinking exactly about you.
This screenshot was primary posted to show that there really will be InGame internet (which might be quite useful, for example you can buy ammo online at the 61Scorpion eshop); then yes, I let exactly that "Trash opinion" shown.
If anyone's interested in trying it, just send me a PM, I would probably give them the link.
Anyway, I'm just curious, who's the one who gives positive karma to all Razor Sharp screenshots? Marek33, I guess?

+2 votes   media: Razor Sharp: Fourth screenshot - InGame internet
Vikom Jun 17 2014, 2:07pm says:

Wait, the Pripyat is a "child mod" of the OPCL? I though it is something like a bonus mission.

+2 votes   media: drone test
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