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victorific May 18 2013, 8:43am replied:

Nate?? Is that you? Still playing unfairly I see

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victorific May 18 2013, 8:37am replied:

Respect man, Respect! You have pretty much said all we fans needed to say, have an upvote!

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victorific May 3 2013, 9:09am says:

this is the top percentile of the top percentile rodent-pokemon, hyper fang is going to hurt!

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victorific May 3 2013, 9:05am says:

The first thing I will be doing when I catch a Diglett is throwing him in the water to see his little legs, paddling for help...

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victorific May 3 2013, 9:01am replied:

if he works for game freak, then we wont have PokeGen today

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victorific Apr 30 2013, 4:34am replied:

Please be patient, as it is a virtue after all :)
As much as we would like to receive an update now, The PG team is ensuring quality. Even though you see much of the new pictures on the forum and this website, keep in mind that programming them in, animating movements, balancing attack and map creating is a lot of work.
So the best things we as fans could do is to wait patiently, and not let them rush a game that is the epitome of our childhood.
Oh, and join the Pokegen forum, a lot of your answers can be found here :D

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victorific Apr 29 2013, 7:24am replied:

A lot of your questions can be found in the forum <~~~~PokeGen Forum

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victorific Apr 28 2013, 9:38pm says:

:) OMG yes, thank you guys

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victorific Apr 27 2013, 9:56pm replied:

they cant have a kickstarter, or else Nintendo will issue a Cease and Desist, remember, Pokemon is still licensed by Nintendo, so they cant make a profit/gain money strictly from this project
As much as we like to donate to them to help and accelerate the creative process in anyways, i am afraid we cant :(

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victorific Apr 27 2013, 2:32am replied:

Use Hamachi/or start a LAN based server, i had the same issue a few days ago from trying the play over the internet

Try to google "Hamachi", the unmamaged one is enough to play PG over the internet

It is really easy to set up and install, and it works like a charm, hopefully this helped :D

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victorific Apr 27 2013, 2:02am says:

I love this game, to be completely honest, I have always imagined Pokemon games to be like this - to resemble the anime. To Xatoku, Skatter and anyone else who has worked on the game, a big thumbs up, great jobs guys, I can't wait till the next release.
BTW, when is the next release, because I'm dying to find out, you don't have to give an exact date, just inform us what how many weeks/month it takes for the next major update.
Thank you so much, "internet hug"

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