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The only reason that i put a 9 on that, well, agent red studio is closed/disable for now, and no updated will happen in the devellopement of the game.



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The reason why i did put 10/10 is that, whe don't see much game that support drinking and hunger stats, and , as a mod, almost every mod that required that are, old or cannot be played.

For me, this game as is own unique thing, carry one weapon per slot and also, the dexterity bar,

we don't see also much of the checkpoint system, also of the ramdom system, that keep the game, challenging as it is.

also, the dev team ad a great idea, of allowing player, to do there own level and content, if i have listen correctly over the underhell feature comming soon.

The idea of the game is also very simple. what make it the most interresting , is that when not aiming whit a gun,you cannot shoot really simply just like in other mod, that have a aiming system just like the others.

if you want to be precise quit a ranged weapon, you got to aim to get the perfect shot.

also the used of special weapon like the crossbows was a really good idea, it bring me like some idea of Crysis 3 mixing in the game.
the one feature that will be annoying to me, if you are like me, the heavy weapon cannot be carry all the time whit the player, and must be drop sometime is a really great idea, making the heavy weapon, not overpowerd.

This game is unique in a lot of way that i CANNOT explain, this hit near perfection!

i hope this game will be in is finale state, and that GreenLight have a good future, of this mod.


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