Hi =) I studied 2D/3D, but my real passion is in pure Game Design, I explored many game engines to mod, but the only one released to public was "Red Faction - Xmod", under RF nickname: Morgoth. Am currently following the Indie Dev life. Feel free to contact me & I hope you all a nice Life! Vhyrüs

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Vhyrüs @ Red Faction - Xmod


You probably found your answer already, if not, look at the top page for Download ;)

*Note: For now, "Combat Suit System" is enabling in dmrc01cs only!

It was not mention in Mod DB before, but you can found more information in
Red Faction – Xmod Home Page

I have less time for now to release Beta 1.1, but many online matches are planed after this update.


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Vhyrüs @ Red Faction - Xmod

Hi armor,

The mod is not available for now;

Development wrote:
Beta 1 ready for Christmas 2006


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Vhyrüs @ Red Faction - Xmod

A little side Note about the Xmod Project

Basically, like a bunch of others FPS fans, I don’t felt the multiplayer of Red Faction right. I thought that people die very to quickly, the combo of powerful and precise weapons with fast movement let me down. But I enjoy many aspect of the game, the big reason of course was the unique Geo, some weapons also give nice mood and I like the Air/Solid brush system of RED Editor. RF engine like it is actually, with is limitations, wasn’t a goOd candidate to make a tactical mod. Is why Xmod keep the intense action without being kill easily and I think Red Faction worth another chance for people who didn’t love it in the past.

I hope people will enjoy the mod without let there instinct compare to recent game or more flexible engine… Even with a team of 1000 peoples and 100 years, is impossible to make a Natural Selection mod with inaccessible source code of Red Faction. Only RED Editor users can know how complex some Xmod features are build to counter RED limitations. For others, you can judge it like an old school action shooter… Xmod wasn’t supposed to be a public mod, but some discovery and techniques found in the editor push me to release it. And I want to enjoy the Geo Technology with others…

It's sad that I can't make money or spend too much time on Red Faction, because I have many ideas and "Geo Technology" is a very nice & unique feature for an FPS. My future is in Valve engines, but in addition to others "RC Mappack", I will probably continue to build "FastMaps" after Xmod being beta public, and no one know, maybe have fun later in "Red Faction 3".


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