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VGTeam Jul 19 2013, 2:07pm replied:

lol maybe we'll add that in the next update picture *hint* *hint*

+1 vote   media: Toyota Supra In Motion!
VGTeam Jun 26 2013, 10:50am says:

lol yeah it'll have a wing on there soon

+1 vote   media: Nissan GT-R R34 Super Powerful!
VGTeam May 15 2013, 9:02am replied:

Sorry no not released yet, this mod is still being developed right now.

+1 vote   mod: GT-R Source
VGTeam Apr 19 2013, 3:18pm replied:

Not sure if we're going to be able to add that in, but maybe in the future we will.

+1 vote   media: Multiplayer Demo Test #1
VGTeam Mar 27 2013, 9:37pm replied:

I'll see what i can do, but i can't make promises lol

0 votes   mod: GT-R Source
VGTeam Mar 22 2013, 8:16am replied:

Nissan 350Z is already in the game haha - first screenshot posted
Nissan GTR R34 and R35 will be in the game as well
Toyota Supra will be next
As for Mazda RX-8 I don't think I have a model for that yet, we'll see.

+3 votes   mod: GT-R Source
VGTeam Mar 17 2013, 7:59pm replied:

There might be one or two tracks with a highway style racetrack, Might not be in the alpha stages, maybe during the beta stage we'll add it in.

+3 votes   mod: GT-R Source
VGTeam Oct 18 2012, 11:15am says:

Check out the Latest Snapshots with the Minecrafter Snapshot Manager Tool!
It can easily set you up with a seperate minecraft installation using the latest snapshots as they are released to the public!


Check it out!

-1 votes   news: Minecraft Snapshot 12w42a
VGTeam Oct 6 2012, 11:56pm says:

Hey guys! If you guys like the Minecrafter please tweet about and spread the news about it please!! Try to get the word out to Notch and Jeb that would be awesome! Thanks for the support guys!

+1 vote   download: Minecrafter: Snapshot Manager
VGTeam Oct 2 2012, 2:19pm says:

User: Make me a peanut butter and banana sandwich with the crusts cut off and 3 olives on the side with a cup of coleslaw and some baby carrots.

Cleverbot: Yes Master *makes you a sandwich*.

User: Thank You Jeeves!

Cleverbot: You're welcome, master.

+2 votes   news: Cleverbot Conversations post 'em here :D
VGTeam Sep 26 2012, 12:57am replied:

Exactly, i designed the tool to make it easier and automatically update to the latest snapshot as they are released, plus it has some other features as well, we will be updating the Minecrafter Website with a Feature Guide over the next day or so, keep an eye out for that!


+4 votes   download: Minecrafter: Snapshot Manager
VGTeam Sep 25 2012, 9:03pm says:

Hey Guys Check out the new Download for the Minecrafter Snapshot Manager!

I just got it approved! Hoping to get a lot of support from the community on this! :)

+2 votes   game: Minecraft
VGTeam Aug 30 2011, 12:28am says:

WATCH OUT PEOPLE!!!! Citadel One is back!!! This is not a drill this is real!!! The Project has been revived and is under full swing!

-1 votes   mod: Citadel One
VGTeam Jun 29 2010, 12:45pm replied:

Hi we're no longer supporting HSR v8, but the best thing i can tell you is to check to make sure all your files are there, especially the client and server.dll files in the bin folder. Otherwise sorry you'll just have to wait until the next version is released.

+2 votes   mod: Hypersonic Source Raceway
VGTeam May 3 2010, 8:05pm replied:

no we're far from dead lol, hsr v9 will be the best version of hsr ever!

+1 vote   media: HSR V9
VGTeam Mar 2 2010, 12:19pm replied:

The server out of date message can be ignored in most cases, but if your hosting a server on the internet you will not be able to see your server on the listing from your own pc that is hosting, also make sure that if you have a router that it is configured properly to allow you to host out to the internet through port 27015, if not then you will always be defaulted to lan, the tool can't adjust your router for you lol, it was just built to make it easier for you to setup a dedicated server.

0 votes   mod: SHIFT
VGTeam Feb 28 2010, 6:24pm replied:

can you give me some mroe details, like what name it says is not provided. I designed the application so i should be able to help you get it working properly.

+2 votes   download: Source Mod Dedicated Server Tool
VGTeam Dec 17 2009, 11:16am replied:

Exactly lol, i have a 9600GT 512Mb and i can run crysis on everything very high with no worries or issues, so yeah any decent card should run a source game np, i run source games at like 300 - 290fps lol

+2 votes   mod: SHIFT
VGTeam Dec 6 2009, 4:44pm replied:

Yes that is in game lol and yeah it does have a sorta death race feel to it, which is totoally awesome!

+7 votes   media: guess
VGTeam Aug 3 2009, 9:59am replied:

Of course shift will be better lol, it's single player means more graphics and features. Btw i'm still working on shift, so don't worry.

+2 votes   mod: Hypersonic Source Raceway
VGTeam Jul 27 2009, 5:15pm replied:

Once we have a stable build of version 9, i will be keeping a server going for beta testers only online 5 days a week.

+1 vote   mod: Hypersonic Source Raceway
VGTeam Jul 27 2009, 4:14pm replied:

great the more the merrier lol, i added you to my steam friends list so that i can get you started and setup.

+1 vote   mod: Hypersonic Source Raceway
VGTeam Jul 23 2009, 5:10pm replied:

make sure you downloaded version 8 and restart steam after install you will see it named in your list as hypersonic source raceway demo

+1 vote   mod: Hypersonic Source Raceway
VGTeam Jul 23 2009, 1:12pm replied:

We are actually working on re-building the main site atm, sorry that it's down right now, but yes we are alive.

+1 vote   mod: Hypersonic Source Raceway
VGTeam Apr 1 2009, 3:30pm says:

awesome! :-)

+1 vote   download: FINAL BUILD -- UNDERNET UPRISING
VGTeam Mar 23 2009, 12:54pm says:

Hey guys Neo from VGTeam, just letting you know that the server is now online and i released a more updated version of the checker program for ya, you can download via this url: Hsrmod.x10hosting.com

+1 vote   game: Undernet Uprising
VGTeam Jan 21 2009, 9:45am says:

Watch this video in High Quality on YouTube!



+1 vote   media: Hypersonic Source Raceway - Analog Hud Preview 1
VGTeam Jan 21 2009, 1:38am replied:

lol yeah i know right it's been a while, but yeah thanks, right now were in the optimizing phase we're cleaning up the build as well as making it look good so now were finally focusing on quality and eye-candy as some say. Hopefully we'll be getting some more good stuff going soon, the analog hud was a major leap in coding, more on the way soon!

+1 vote   media: Hypersonic Source Raceway - Analog Hud Preview 1
VGTeam Jan 20 2009, 4:51pm replied:

hey thanks! I finally managed to get a solid looking analog tach working lol, took a while but it's working now still need to touch it up some more of course.

+1 vote   mod: Hypersonic Source Raceway
VGTeam Jan 20 2009, 10:34am replied:

lol so not dead dude, we have just been working really hard on the mod lately and haven't been able to get time to post any updates lol but i have a big one coming soon with a new video to match so look for it soon!

+4 votes   mod: Hypersonic Source Raceway
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