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vfn4i83 Dec 22 2014, 10:48pm says:

great pick and nominees. They all deserved.

+7 votes   article: Mod of the Year 2014 - Editors Choice
vfn4i83 Dec 9 2014, 10:56pm says:

Good work.

+2 votes   article: Physics, Real Scale and Space Travels
vfn4i83 Dec 9 2014, 10:23pm says:

Great work, man.

+1 vote   article: NPC Simulation and Engine Features
vfn4i83 Dec 9 2014, 8:50pm says:

Dammm, really wasn't expecting that. Good luck to the participants and the best ideas come to life ;)

+1 vote   article: SG2 Best mod idea contest!
vfn4i83 Sep 3 2014, 10:55pm says:

indeed awesome. The look is really clean, what is nice.

+2 votes   article: Gameplay Improvements
vfn4i83 Aug 28 2014, 11:24pm says:

great work. The art style is really interesting.

+2 votes   article: Battle action video
vfn4i83 Aug 20 2014, 10:22pm says:

Star Citzen make it sound that engine is doing crazy things about polygon, but in reality they just add a lot of LoD, what is completely doable in the Unity Engine.

Here a test done a long time ago

The fighter idea is awesome.

+1 vote   article: Development Update - Lights, Fighters and Equipment Carts
vfn4i83 Jul 7 2014, 10:08pm says:

really nice style.

+3 votes   article: Crafting Somewhere XI
vfn4i83 Jul 7 2014, 10:01pm says:

If you can make the marines bots a little bit smarter, so they can actually resolve some puzzles and open doors, would be sweet.

+2 votes   article: The making of a node graph
vfn4i83 Jul 6 2014, 9:41am says:

dangit; was just watching GiT Arise 3, and imagining myself playing NeoTokyo the whole time.

I imagine few will be emotional about this song too:

Congrats guys, thats awesome news.

+2 votes   article: NEOTOKYO on Steam
vfn4i83 Jun 28 2014, 5:36pm says:

beautiful work

+2 votes   article: Fortresses!
vfn4i83 Jun 18 2014, 10:23pm says:

never believed when EA say they had a solution; MoH Pacific Assault and Airborne still to fresh in my memory to know better.

FS team, you guys should take the BF2142 strip down what its not needed and make a pack with the mod bundle in, for the rest of us. FH2 had a great alternative with they're own Server List Server, but still the Urban Terror game has a alternative community made master server the guys at made a good and simple Server Query that link to a master list.

Good luck

+3 votes   article: What Does the Future Hold?
vfn4i83 Jun 16 2014, 8:00pm says:

1 - A *****-monger (thats right) traveler, specialized in Beverage of all kinds.

2 - As my profession allow contact to special substances, I would use a special poisoned Beer("a la" Game of Thrones, the one that try to kill Daenery's {spoilerssssssss}), and gift it to the king, and both have a late reaction time and dont taste biter.

3 - Again as poison master, could make a trap to those bandits making teasing/lure then to rob "the barrel", as I fly from the scene, and kill then all by myself.

+2 votes   article: Game Competition (The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings)
vfn4i83 Jun 3 2014, 10:18am says:

really nice, I liked the sleek look of the menu.

+1 vote   article: Rig Editor Preview Video
vfn4i83 May 29 2014, 9:23am says:

If Crytek really went for royalt free, it really became a good contender to what Unity3D is and Does; A pitty the engine is windows only in all ways.

P.S.: Are then officialy supporting only autodesk/adobe products, still ?

+1 vote   article: CRYENGINE on Steam!
vfn4i83 May 12 2014, 6:20pm says:

How about Global Ilumination and reflections ?

+1 vote   article: World Editor Preview Video
vfn4i83 May 12 2014, 1:44am says:

great video, I like your editor a lot.

+3 votes   article: World Editor Preview Video
vfn4i83 Apr 24 2014, 11:55pm says:

Great news, looking forward for the Editor video.

+3 votes   article: Beam me up Scotty!
vfn4i83 Mar 23 2014, 2:41am replied:

I would put that idea of a source code to rest at this leasing model. Pay full for source or you can just fiddle if with the tool.

+1 vote   article: CRYENGINE going subscription based!
vfn4i83 Mar 23 2014, 2:36am replied:

You will not pay royalties after publish a game on it. How extensive is that I don't know, haven't ready the new EULA.

+1 vote   article: CRYENGINE going subscription based!
vfn4i83 Mar 20 2014, 3:47am says:

I was one of those that preached that unity3d was the best solutio for indie, but now both epic and crytek, actually got something (licensing plans)that face Unity3D(wich still pretty solid for me).

+2 votes   article: Unreal Engine 4 Released
vfn4i83 Feb 2 2014, 6:53pm says:

top of the container uv problem. Nice work, with that AK on the main menu is a ingame model, kudos.

+1 vote   article: Weekly Update!
vfn4i83 Jan 14 2014, 11:27pm says:


I've been nurturing some idea for a while in this very game, nonetheless. Using they're new systems.

+2 votes   article: MAKE ARMA NOT WAR
vfn4i83 Jan 10 2014, 1:56pm says:

great news. The game is genuinely fun, for those whom haven't played.

+4 votes   article: Alien Arena to get massive artwork update!
vfn4i83 Jan 4 2014, 2:11pm says:

The details are amazing. But why the concrete has wood beams ?

+1 vote   media: December 1
vfn4i83 Nov 10 2013, 9:28am says:

really "alone in the dark"ish on it!

Its nice.

+2 votes   article: BlackSoul Gameplay Teaser
vfn4i83 Oct 11 2013, 10:28pm says:

BF3 is over-exagereted ;P

but yours is nicier.

+1 vote   article: How we made our gunfire look like Battlefield 3
vfn4i83 Sep 17 2013, 7:50pm says:

I cant stand the Western F2P model anymore, the P2W is actually really intense on this ones; in contrast to the original from asia that were actualy good and demanded skills to play(well some of then).

0 votes   poll: What do think about free to play games?
vfn4i83 Apr 2 2013, 9:00pm says:

Beautiful. Looking forward to some gameplay on it.

+4 votes   article: Video: REFUSION - The showcase of development status
vfn4i83 Feb 7 2013, 11:55am says:

U made the smartest decision of your life, Bullet is improving every second as Physx has a very awkward collision detection and is performance hungry.

+2 votes   article: Bullet Physics
vfn4i83 Jan 8 2013, 8:53pm says:

Its far from dead. Its a good game and deserves more attention. This is a great bundle.

+3 votes   article: The Replay Bundle
vfn4i83 Dec 30 2012, 10:46pm says:

Hmm. Time to dust off my old Cds.

+3 votes   article: [SINP] The 9th mission has been released!
vfn4i83 Aug 22 2012, 12:45pm says:

Nice work.

+1 vote   article: BlackSoul - The Cemetery
vfn4i83 Aug 14 2012, 2:45pm says:

really nice, as soon I get back home I going to install it.

+3 votes   article: Release: Galactic Armory 1.9.2
vfn4i83 Nov 20 2011, 12:57am says:

Add Stalingrad from Spearhead, I still enter some MoHSH just to play some FFA on it.

+2 votes   article: 11/19/2011 - Allied Assault: Source Development Announcement
vfn4i83 Sep 12 2011, 11:26pm says:

Saia da caixa, kk maneiro

great work man.

+1 vote   media: Get out of the Box
vfn4i83 Sep 11 2011, 2:29am says:

Yah know all they show, us, are just tease of what has been done; most of it are under the hood, and so far what has been presented is quite good.

And I not talking about rendering, since Unity is a pretty capable rendering system, but the basic Ai pathfinding showed at Running man, the sound system prototyped so far to name a few and there are tons of things done already. And right now I anxious to see about that occlusion thing, since somehow the map will be a indoor environment.

ZPs great news, and wonderfull to hear you guys killed those dam spambots.

+1 vote   article: Interstellar Marines: SITREP - Week 018
vfn4i83 Aug 8 2011, 1:08am says:

Great article, it should be stick as a permanent article at main, lot of existing groups and future ones could benefits from this words.

+8 votes   article: Project Management, Part 1: Managing your team
vfn4i83 Feb 14 2011, 11:21pm says:

I have this game and still to finish it, awesome game.

+4 votes   download: XIII Demo
vfn4i83 Feb 5 2011, 12:45am says:

Nice work. BTW its looking quite close to Nexus, Am I right ?

+1 vote   article: Character: Captain Magnus, USF Marines
vfn4i83 Oct 20 2010, 4:03pm says:

Thats a nice addition to the WiC world, but dont forget the infantry add more power to then ;)

keep it up the good work

+2 votes   article: Monthly Progress Update - October 2010
vfn4i83 Oct 10 2010, 3:33am says:

Good work guys, ships are really nice.

+1 vote   article: 33% Finished!
vfn4i83 Oct 2 2010, 10:36am says:

Unity is a wonderfull engine, good luck in your work, cant wait to see more of the game.

+2 votes   article: Interstellar Marines Log Entry 012
vfn4i83 Sep 15 2010, 5:15pm says:

Looking good. Cant wait for saturday.

+1 vote   article: Oasis 1.1 Countdown: Camera-, Quest- and Interaction System
vfn4i83 Sep 6 2010, 1:20am says:

That mode and "Support" are my favorites.

+2 votes   article: Reinforcements Gametype Overview
vfn4i83 Aug 29 2010, 9:45pm says:

Amazing. That flare is stunning. Cant wait to play it.

+1 vote   article: Custom particle systems, screenshots and more!
vfn4i83 Aug 1 2010, 3:29am says:


+1 vote   article: Update # 36 "The Process"
vfn4i83 Aug 1 2010, 3:26am says:

Really nice shoots. And the that mythological feeling just adds to the game environment, really nice.

+2 votes   article: New In-Game Screenshots
vfn4i83 Jul 17 2010, 1:28am says:

Loving what you guys are doing, a better particles should make ths alpha gameplay videos shine like gold ;)

I mean air effects, bullets and damages.

+1 vote   article: Dogfight Alpha news
vfn4i83 Jul 15 2010, 11:42pm says:

Astonish environment. Looking forward for some gameplay videos

+2 votes   article: ‘Making-of’ Jeklynn Heights
vfn4i83 Jun 26 2010, 2:04am says:

I grown with classic Warcraft/Starcraft huds but got used and love huds like Men of War and Nexus. With a lot of micro.

But neet idea, just seen implemented to fully understand how it really work.

+1 vote   article: Thoughts about Interfaces
vfn4i83 Jun 15 2010, 3:50pm says:

Great game, just fell the controls a little awkward; jump and climb just need to be in the SPACE button.

+1 vote   game: ÆON FLUX Episodes
vfn4i83 Jun 15 2010, 3:16pm says:

Try to compete with a marketing budget of millions is suicide, those big distributors games only got marketing as product been its games bellow average in quality.
But dont let your game just get vanish from the midias, make even small announcements and made it be published together daily at those famous sites.

good luck.

+1 vote   article: Indie games vs. E3: who shall triumph? Also featuring Frozen Synapse!
vfn4i83 Jun 3 2010, 12:47am says:

The weapons are awesome. Great work.

+2 votes   article: NMRiH Monthly Update - May/April 2010
vfn4i83 Apr 18 2010, 3:50am says:

Great video and talent, congrats. Amazing vehicle.

+4 votes   article: Video Diary #2 + some updates.
vfn4i83 Apr 16 2010, 2:25am says:

Beautiful as aways. Keep it up.

+2 votes   article: April 15th Road to the Future
vfn4i83 Apr 1 2010, 1:33am says:

I'am amazed. That engine is fantastic, the vehicles simulations are seamlessly perfect. Looking forward to see projects on it.

+1 vote   article: In-Game HD Video Capture using Real-Time YUYV-DXT Compression
vfn4i83 Jan 16 2010, 11:28pm says:

Stunning graphics. Great Work

+1 vote   article: Codename: Dead Bird - Official Trailer
vfn4i83 Dec 25 2009, 1:35am says:

Great model and music.

+1 vote   article: Second MOTY Media Update - New Character Model and Soundtrack
vfn4i83 Dec 13 2009, 10:35pm says:

Nice. going to take it as soon as I reach home.

+2 votes   article: AFF:Planetstorm - RC8 Build released!
vfn4i83 Nov 27 2009, 9:33pm says:

frigging awesome. Really nice stuff.

+1 vote   article: Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare – New Footage!
vfn4i83 Nov 15 2009, 1:06am says:


+3 votes   download: Last Drop - Released with new Francis voices!
vfn4i83 Nov 4 2009, 12:05am says:

Awesome; really good.

+2 votes   article: The Demo is here!
vfn4i83 Nov 1 2009, 2:43am says:

Both models are awesome. Great work.

+2 votes   article: Update #72 - Behemoths
vfn4i83 Oct 30 2009, 11:39pm says:

Nice map and models, looking forward to the release.

+2 votes   article: Casus Belli - Update #07
vfn4i83 Oct 11 2009, 10:17pm says:

I recently acquire Nexus: The jupiter Incident, and I have re-learned to love that strategies games once again and still a lot to be done in that genre. That new game might be a awesome addition to that universe of Sci Fi games.

Nice concepts. Looking forward to more news.

+1 vote   article: Star Ruler continues to mature
vfn4i83 Oct 11 2009, 9:55pm says:

I cant say it clarifies but at least enhanced my curiosity for it.

Great article

+1 vote   article: Mysterious Game-Mode Revealed!
vfn4i83 Oct 11 2009, 1:16am says:

beautiful work.

+1 vote   article: Media - Render test and Texture RX8 Update
vfn4i83 Oct 1 2009, 3:14pm replied:

Try it, but the unless it been created by me (And get stuck inside something) I really cant get in on any server by the game or by the Frontend. But by what I see inside some structure that I was stuck inside, the models are nice, FPS ok, everything work smoothiest as I could see. Great work.

+1 vote   article: Renegade X 0.35 Beta Released!
vfn4i83 Sep 27 2009, 4:26am says:

Nice models indeed. I liked that class system, really simple and objective.

+1 vote   article: Army Recruitment
vfn4i83 Sep 3 2009, 4:37am says:

nice update. Wonderful news

+3 votes   article: Beta Testing!
vfn4i83 Sep 1 2009, 3:53am says:

Nice article; but you forgot about $LoD, could be added just as example.

+1 vote   article: How to Setup and Export Models into CryEngine 2
vfn4i83 Aug 30 2009, 3:52am says:

Nice stuff, for sure going to try it when it come out.

+1 vote   article: Been a quiet month.
vfn4i83 Aug 22 2009, 2:36am says:

Beautiful work, source really have a awesome lighting features.

+2 votes   article: Weekly Progress Report #5
vfn4i83 Aug 6 2009, 11:10pm says:

Great news, cant wait to play on this map.

+1 vote   article: #71: Map I: Recall
vfn4i83 Aug 3 2009, 1:14am says:

I liked the hand grenade touch. Great work.

+1 vote   article: August Update
vfn4i83 Aug 3 2009, 1:07am says:

I really curious about players features. Nice work.

+1 vote   article: Single, Preview, Part 2#1 - Artefact Hunter
vfn4i83 Aug 2 2009, 12:49am says:

Good. I liked the clean looking from the blog.

+1 vote   article: A Real Dev Blog
vfn4i83 Jul 31 2009, 2:59am says:

Sweet weapons. Great work

+4 votes   article: Insurgency - Media Update
vfn4i83 Jul 15 2009, 11:03pm says:

Nice map. Looking forward to see it complete.

+2 votes   article: Deadlock Media Release
vfn4i83 Jul 15 2009, 10:33pm says:

Man that map is gorgeous already, cant wait to see it finalized.

Great post'n news.

+1 vote   article: July 15th Road to the Future
vfn4i83 Jul 4 2009, 6:53pm says:

I need a hint: Where it is? ;)

+1 vote   article: NeoTokyo: First Impressions
vfn4i83 Jul 4 2009, 2:05am says:

Nice video, cant wait to see it ready.

+1 vote   article: July update, now with the final Teaser Trailer
vfn4i83 Jul 3 2009, 11:18pm says:

Yeeeiiii mod

Indeed great.

+1 vote   article: Summer Update!
vfn4i83 Jun 26 2009, 12:20am says:

I've never played a FA before, but that version is just stunning.

+2 votes   article: Player Head Customization, M82A1, and Crossfire Revisions
vfn4i83 Jun 21 2009, 11:19pm says:

Good news. OpenGl, go for it man, cant wait to see that graphic eye candy.

+1 vote   article: EXIL - Engine update !
vfn4i83 Jun 18 2009, 2:48am says:

CoD4 engine might be slightly differ from coD6 engine, since that last one will support texture streaming, so other modification to its core might had happen. Really looking foward to it. Nice skins.

+1 vote   article: Media Release 3
vfn4i83 Jun 17 2009, 1:34am says:

Very nice. That montain is just awesome, hope that the whole map isnt just a montain.

Looking foward to more

+1 vote   article: Progress Update 4
vfn4i83 Jun 10 2009, 3:13am says:

Pretty ambitious. Seems awesome.

+1 vote   article: Voice Acting & Repathing Video
vfn4i83 May 25 2009, 12:12am says:

This game will be epic. Have so much spectation for it.

+2 votes   article: Update For May 09!
vfn4i83 May 6 2009, 2:42pm says:

ZBrush aways do the trick: It amazing

Looking foward

+1 vote   article: The 3D Invasion Begins!
vfn4i83 Apr 25 2009, 2:01am says:

That map lools good like the weapons.

+1 vote   article: April Media Release
vfn4i83 Apr 19 2009, 10:53pm says:

Great work

Need a few bump/normal on those bricks at the flor and ground, I think you can save the POM, no need for it.

+1 vote   article: The City of Darineth in the Early Morning
vfn4i83 Apr 2 2009, 12:29am says:

That building looks goods every time I see

+1 vote   article: BlackSector: Subject H.O.R.I.ZO.N. Developer Interview
vfn4i83 Mar 14 2009, 1:55am says:

Nice video.

+1 vote   article: After-Action Report: Rhen Var Ice Plains
vfn4i83 Feb 28 2009, 7:35pm says:

Nice weaponry

+1 vote   article: City Decedere Darkness Weapons
vfn4i83 Feb 22 2009, 2:15am says:

More mechs, awesome.

Great model

+1 vote   article: 23rd Century Warfare Progress
vfn4i83 Feb 20 2009, 12:41am says:

Hmmmm. Man you guys are putting a lot of effort on this mod. Good job.

+1 vote   article: Feburary 19th, 2009
vfn4i83 Feb 19 2009, 1:19am says:

Really nice. Like the middle one, not to fast and not to slow

+1 vote   article: Camo Visual Effect
vfn4i83 Feb 19 2009, 12:12am says:

Congrats guys, it is really deserved.

+1 vote   article: AFF FTW!
vfn4i83 Feb 14 2009, 8:05pm says:

CAnt wait. Have been so long without something of the genre. Great work

+4 votes   article: MechWarrior: Living Legends - February Update 1
vfn4i83 Jan 31 2009, 11:21pm says:

This interview grew my interest for the mod.

nice environment.

+3 votes   article: Jungle Media Release
vfn4i83 Jan 11 2009, 12:27am says:

great work

+1 vote   article: DAZE: time is passing by. Something is going to happen
vfn4i83 Jan 9 2009, 4:13pm says:

wow. Nice map

+2 votes   article: Announcing Boulevard – New Decadence Map
vfn4i83 Dec 20 2008, 3:09pm says:

Is little to shine texture but is a great model, that SVD, and really awesome models.

+1 vote   article: Petrograd - December 20 Update
vfn4i83 Dec 17 2008, 12:10am says:

Updates are aways good. Nice screenshoot

+1 vote   media: All Terrain Advanced Reconaissance
vfn4i83 Nov 25 2008, 12:34am says:

YEh, cant wait. awesome...

+2 votes   article: Row row row your boat, gently down the stream...
vfn4i83 Nov 15 2008, 8:39pm says:

Invisible ? ?? ? ? ?

That aint modern, is fun. ;)

With u guys need ssome tester I belive I can help.

+1 vote   article: Friday Update No. 1
vfn4i83 Nov 7 2008, 1:49pm says:

Thtas a stearing problem into HL2, as well. But this is the most fun mod out there.

Great review

+1 vote   article: Die In Pain, Rest in Peace Review
vfn4i83 Oct 13 2008, 11:51pm says:

Another sci-fi mod, hummmmm.

+1 vote   article: Update #2 Fall 2008
vfn4i83 Oct 12 2008, 1:09am says:

Nice work so far, I imagine the alpha is kicking hard.

+1 vote   article: Renegade-X September Update.
vfn4i83 Oct 8 2008, 11:36pm says:

great work. cant wait to try.

+1 vote   article: DAZE: Media Update and new information
vfn4i83 Sep 24 2008, 12:44am says:

Thats for sure. But still a nice peace of work. Cant wait to play it

+2 votes   article: More screenshots, more updates
vfn4i83 Sep 23 2008, 12:07am says:

U cant see, but my mouth completely open right now.

+2 votes   article: Aquila 9
vfn4i83 Sep 18 2008, 2:37am says:

Great news, indeed those models are great

+1 vote   article: Sahariana - Fun For Four
vfn4i83 Sep 11 2008, 1:45am says:

A mod for my next game, awesome. Cant wait to play.

"Cereal's Council" ahahhaha I most definitely going to play this one.

+1 vote   mod: Violation Flemoid
vfn4i83 Jun 4 2008, 10:20pm says:

So this mod isnt dead.

Thisis a old video, but realy nice anyway.

+1 vote   media: Heat vision demo
vfn4i83 May 19 2008, 10:58pm says:

Nice model, great work.

+1 vote   article: OPK #39 Lightmachineguns II: the LMG72
vfn4i83 May 13 2008, 1:58am says:

very impressive.

+1 vote   article: Eternal Silence: Final Maps
vfn4i83 Apr 16 2008, 11:51pm says:

Great model, endeed. And have the best fly vehicles handle, in a BF2 engine ever.

Good Work. Really like the transparency from the cockpit

+1 vote   article: OPK #37 Helicopter spotted II: The SA341H Gazela
vfn4i83 Mar 29 2008, 3:08am says:

Wow I seen myself reinstalling my Doom3 as son this game reach out.

Nice works on theses maps

+1 vote   media: The City
vfn4i83 Mar 25 2008, 5:29am says:

MW2 has died and give birth to all new MWIO(Modern Warfare Independent Ops) a stand alone game.

+1 vote   mod: Modern Warfare 2
vfn4i83 Dec 27 2007, 12:52am says:


Has been a long time since ive played some VG, but that Wii is just getting my atention completally.

+1 vote   article: Wii modding... the future?
vfn4i83 Dec 10 2007, 1:17am says:

hope it has mouse suport

+2 votes   game: Zombie Crisis
vfn4i83 Nov 15 2007, 11:52am says:

Nice work

+1 vote   article: New Vehicle: Black on Black
vfn4i83 Oct 11 2007, 12:30am says:

Lol where the mods, the game sucks that much?

I know about one, but dont know with is alive:

+2 votes   game: Medal of Honor: Airborne
vfn4i83 Sep 18 2006, 3:32am says:

The FEB (brazilian army) will be in this mod ?

Once it fought in Italy.

0 votes   mod: Battle of Europe: Italian Front
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