Nobody special. I don't visit ModDB too much anymore but I am sometimes on.

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Starry Night  - Arcane Element
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This is actualy pretty good, reminds me of Trixie :)

Though by black hole, I thought more like this:
Vectorise that and have a look...

But yea, I like it, she just need a background now, I also love the bio, seems very fitting.

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Velancious Author

I also updated the bio of Azure Spark, so go check it out when you can. Oh and yes, I thought of Trixie while designing her. I will try to update what I can to make her look even better. I'm also going to slim down the image.

I felt like enlarging her mark because it would really fit this design I was going for with her. Still, it's a very experimental design, and maybe a little unorthodox.

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It needs a little sharpening now, as a lot of the edges are jagged, CS5 can easily do that :)

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Velancious Author

I fixed it a bit, I'll work on it more later. The jagged edges were caused by the 10 different lighting effects that are effecting different areas of her. Sometimes they **** up the image which can show up when the background color is changed. This can create jagged edges which distort the 'vectored' dark grey lines that surround her character. With Azure Spark, I never had this problem because I spaced out any lighting effects I had, which resulted in no collisions.

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Another character in the "Fighting 5" group currently in development. Starry Night is the sparkly, dark unicorn that represents the element of magic known as "Arcane". She is easily agitated by failure, but nonetheless is a brilliant tactician and by-the-books strategist. She shows little emotion, if at all, and almost never laughs. Starry is known to be the personal carrier of information between both Celestia and Luna. She is even known to be one of the only unicorns skilled in the use of "dark matter". Her mane seems to 'shine' bright lights, thought to be stars reflecting off of her mark, which quickly become a lighter hue of blue the closer you are to her.

Her black hole cutie mark is unique in that it stretches out across her torso. It represents the vastness of the universe and the intriguing conflict between dark matter and matter itself. Starry gained her cutie mark when she learned how to manipulate this "dark matter" in the physical, material world. This has allowed her to master amazing feats thought impossible by other unicorns also skilled in the element of Arcane magic.

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