Nobody special. I don't visit ModDB too much anymore but I am sometimes on.

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Azure Spark - Storm Element
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Very nice, love the mark, I made her a mark yesterday, but yours is much better :)

Also, being storm, she should be able to fly too, seems only fitting...

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Velancious Author

Yeah, the electricity in her mane will also look a lot better when it is animated, so just wait for that.

I decided to keep a lot of things from Shores, since I wanted to re-use her concept for this character.

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You updated the name quickly :)

One more name to go, but the element of earth is difficult...

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Azure Spark, as she is known, represents the Element of Magic known as "Storm". She is highly reminiscent of Purple Shores and shares A LOT of design with her. I felt Purple Shores needed a place in this group, and this character is the perfect transfer into it without breaking the alignment.

Azure Spark has mastered control of the wind, lightning, and other related phenomenon to storms. She is known for her ability to quickly dash around, lightning trails following her hooves. Her control over the phenomenon allows her to fight quickly and effectively without sacrificing balance. She is a popularity freak, always seeking attention and admiration from her peers so they can witness her electrified mane, which courses electricity. Just touching it is enough to give you a stunning shock.

Her cutie mark represents the element she controls and has mastered, just like the other Fighting 5. The tornado represents control over the wind and balance. While the lightning bolt represents speed and agility. Her ability to summon any kind of storm at will and use it with lethal precision is her greatest strength.

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