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2 comments by Valherran on Feb 25th, 2013

So I tried out the Community SDK for Kane's Wrath, and damn, I am just stuck. Everything I edit causes the game to crash, and yet my edits are so simple. I obviously do not know what I am doing, and I am pretty much throwing in the towel. Instead, I have a request to throw out here since I am incapable of doing anything right on that SDK. I will list all the changes I wanted to do on my little patch, and if anyone wants to help, they can produce it for me. :-)

My changes:


1. GDI Slingshots no longer run over infantry.
2. MARV harvesting increased to 50% value from 33%
3. GDI Grenadier projectile speed increased 25%


2. All Nod Cyborgs heal in Tiberium with the transfusion upgrade.
3. Nod Awakened get the Leg Enhancements upgrade.
4. Nod Awakened cannot be run over.
5. Nod Enlightened price decrease to 1000 from 1200.
6. Nod Awakened price decrease to 400 from 500.
7. Nod Black Hand Squads cannot be run over.
8. Nod Redeemer machine gun upgrade fires twice as much ammo.
9. Nod Redeemer machine gun upgrade now fires at air units.
10. Nod Redeemer rocket upgrade fires 4x more missiles per salvo.
11. Nod Redeemer rocket upgrade no longer fires at air units.
12. Nod Enlightened now take only 1% damage from Buzzers.


1. Scrin Buzzer Hive Buzzers are now targetable.
2. Scrin Annihilator moves 10% faster

List may update frequently.

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2 comments by Valherran on Jun 2nd, 2009

Everyone who loves the old school 1st person shooters should try and MOD them, sure we see plenty of Doom 2 and Duke Nukem 3D MODs, but how come we never see MODs for Heretic and Hexen? Don't let these games fade away, making MODs for games increases popularity and to urge the company to make sequels!

If there are any professional Doom Modders out there, I have some great ideas for MODs we could make!

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