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Valherran 19hours 48mins ago says:

Nice of you to look out for those new players, good work! :-)

+4 votes   media: Tutorial Mission 1
Valherran Mar 21 2015, 1:06pm replied:

Yes it is.

+4 votes   media: Bloody Trails
Valherran Mar 20 2015, 2:25pm replied:

Nice, you should post it on the download section so it doesn't look like it hasn't been touched in 3 years. lol

+2 votes   mod: Xenoforce Reborn
Valherran Mar 20 2015, 10:21am says:

This MOD is still in BETA? Wow... That's a long time.

+1 vote   article: Renegade X - Beta 4 will be out on March 22nd!
Valherran Mar 9 2015, 6:35pm replied:

Nope, just 2 computers. But the match did last over an hour.

+1 vote   mod: StarCraft: Burning Ground
Valherran Mar 9 2015, 12:24am replied:

Gotcha, thanks.

+1 vote   download: StarCraft: Burning Ground Public Beta v1.0
Valherran Mar 8 2015, 8:30pm replied:

Oh OK, so I assume do not let the match drag on or else this will happen then?

+1 vote   mod: StarCraft: Burning Ground
Valherran Mar 8 2015, 6:40pm says:

Something really bizarre happened while I was testing out the beta. I was playing like an hour long match, and I was starting to win, and then all of a sudden all of the units on the field were no longer able to deal damage to each other, and most of the projectiles from ranged units went missing when they fired their weapons.

+1 vote   mod: StarCraft: Burning Ground
Valherran Mar 8 2015, 5:41pm says:

The WModeFix.DLL kept setting off my anti virus, I don't know why, but you may want to look into it.

+1 vote   download: StarCraft: Burning Ground Public Beta v1.0
Valherran Mar 5 2015, 12:44am says:

Nice, too bad the Kodiaks couldn't do something similar. :-P

+1 vote   media: Salamander death system
Valherran Mar 4 2015, 2:15pm says:

That is very useful, can't wait to use it!

+1 vote   media: NOD Colossus Repair Vessel
Valherran Mar 2 2015, 10:09pm says:

I left feedback on the forum for you to view. :-)

+1 vote   mod: Twisted Insurrection
Valherran Mar 2 2015, 2:06am replied:

This also exists in DTA, it might be that interface doing it.

+2 votes   mod: Twisted Insurrection
Valherran Mar 2 2015, 2:05am replied:

Ah, didn't notice that, thanks for the info.

+1 vote   mod: Twisted Insurrection
Valherran Mar 1 2015, 7:56pm says:

Nod cannot build tiberium silos or mobile sensor arrays... Intentional?

+1 vote   mod: Twisted Insurrection
Valherran Feb 28 2015, 2:17pm says:

Was the aircraft spam for the GDI AI fixable?

+1 vote   article: Change Log
Valherran Feb 22 2015, 5:46pm replied:

Waypoints can be set by clicking the down arrow icon under the mini map. Once you are finished making them, you click it again or right click to turn it off. When you click it again it will start a new waypoint route, if you want to edit an existing waypoint, I think you just click 1 of the nav points and it will continue from the last one placed.

+1 vote   download: The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.1388
Valherran Feb 22 2015, 8:24am says:

A couple more things I saw:

1. If a Chrono Tank teleports on top of terrain like in the picture below, it will kill itself.

2. I the map "[4] Tower of Power (KotH)", the hills at the very top of the mountain are not impassible, units can just travel over it like it isn't there.

+1 vote   download: The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.1388
Valherran Feb 21 2015, 10:36pm replied:

I found the problem, it's the "Disable Baddy Crates" option. If you grab a crate it crashes the game.

+3 votes   download: The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.1388
Valherran Feb 21 2015, 9:52pm says:

I'm having issues, the game is crashing for no reason 5 minutes into a game.

+2 votes   download: The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.1388
Valherran Feb 21 2015, 11:53am says:

Thank god you can disable the scrap debris, that drove me nuts!

+1 vote   media: Game Options
Valherran Feb 18 2015, 6:55pm says:

That looks pretty good, the dome could be a bit bigger on the top though, it wasn't that flat in D2K.

+1 vote   media: New Ordos Tank
Valherran Feb 17 2015, 10:33pm replied:

Maybe more on the lines of, when they get blown in half, they attack everything that moves?

+2 votes   article: Version PB5.039 Will Be Available In Just Over A Week!
Valherran Feb 17 2015, 7:50am says:

Nice work, can't wait to play!

+3 votes   article: Version PB5.039 Will Be Available In Just Over A Week!
Valherran Feb 16 2015, 3:12am replied:

I wasn't talking about the book versions, I was talking about the game versions (which are better IMO).

+4 votes   media: Elite troops sardukar
Valherran Feb 15 2015, 8:58am says:

This model is OK at best, not because of detail but because it looks nothing like a Sardaukar.

Sardaukar carry huge 2-handed machine guns and also wear a heavy armor plated suit. Here is a good example pic of what they look like:

Actual elite Sardaukar carry a laser and a laser knife in Emperor, which is the only game they made an appearance in.

+3 votes   media: Elite troops sardukar
Valherran Feb 5 2015, 6:24pm says:


+1 vote   media: Commander/Frame unit
Valherran Feb 2 2015, 3:06am says:

Grats on placing top 10, Carnius!

+10 votes   article: New year update, finally
Valherran Feb 1 2015, 5:53pm says:

Neat, it looks like a mini-MARV. lol

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence 2.0 Forgotten
Valherran Feb 1 2015, 5:52pm says:

Good to know, I hope everything goes well in the service for you. :-)

+1 vote   article: Mod Status
Valherran Jan 16 2015, 6:16am says:


+5 votes   download: Brutal Doom MLG Pro VERSION 3
Valherran Jan 2 2015, 7:34pm says:

I am honestly surprised this wasn't brought up sooner.

+1 vote   article: Playing The Mod Online
Valherran Dec 30 2014, 2:08pm replied:

If that's the case then Star Trek MOD won and whatever was in 11th place is now 10th. :-P

+15 votes   article: Mod of the Year 2014 - Players Choice
Valherran Dec 22 2014, 4:03am says:

Thank you for the ant mission updates! As long as the AI actually helps and defends, I'm cool with doing the work myself! :-P

I'll have to check the change log for bug fixes, because I saw a lot of them when playing the last version.

+1 vote   article: Progress since version 1.13
Valherran Dec 12 2014, 8:24am replied:

They can always steal it, just like everything else. :-P

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence 2.0 - Forgotten
Valherran Dec 11 2014, 9:56pm says:

An Ion Storm Generator would make a good super weapon for them.

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence 2.0 - Forgotten
Valherran Oct 28 2014, 8:58pm says:

Their... Robots? Ehhh, honestly, I think the original concept was better. A Humanoid that infiltrates buildings and blows them up instantly. These robots are like the slow and more destructive versions of the Nod Fanatics, it just doesn't fit. :-/

+2 votes   media: House Ordos saboteur
Valherran Oct 8 2014, 6:04pm says:

Fix the back end of the treads and it will be perfect.

+1 vote   media: New A-Combat-Tank
Valherran Sep 27 2014, 8:24pm says:

Very nice

+3 votes   media: High-tech-factory
Valherran Sep 23 2014, 7:18pm says:

Boots are a little big, and the armor could use better texturing looks like plastic instead of metal.

+1 vote   media: New Trooper
Valherran Sep 21 2014, 6:39pm says:

That sucker looks mean, good work!

+2 votes   media: New Minotaur MK-2
Valherran Aug 17 2014, 4:21am says:

Oh that's evil... Do they benefit from upgrades?

+1 vote   media: Flame Turrets
Valherran Jun 15 2014, 7:28am says:

Much better than the original!

+1 vote   media: The Minotaur
Valherran Jun 12 2014, 8:45pm replied:

Geidi Prime-ish*: Geidi Prime = Harkonnen home world. "Ish" is term to describe something being something else. Therefor he is saying the structure matches the architecture of their home world.

+1 vote   media: Factory
Valherran Jun 2 2014, 2:24pm replied:

The difference should be the shape of the turret and the treads in the back, just like in D2k. I hope he fixes that...

+2 votes   media: Medium Battle Tank
Valherran Jun 1 2014, 11:15pm says:

Hmmm, I am on the fence on this concept. I will have to test it and see for myself.

+1 vote   media: The NOD Liquid Tiberium Factory new system
Valherran May 24 2014, 8:09pm says:

I noticed you re-skinned the Rocket Militant to look like this. Fremen are usually covered in rags and wear cloaks over their still suits. This would be the preferred look to give them.

+5 votes   media: Fremen
Valherran May 21 2014, 5:07am says:

Awesome! I need a new game to play, i'm getting bored. lol

+1 vote   media: Public Beta 5 Release Date
Valherran May 3 2014, 5:45pm says:

The floating book is interesting.

+2 votes   media: yard
Valherran Apr 29 2014, 5:35pm says:

Looks great. You won't have trouble finding that in the dark. :-P

+3 votes   media: Deviator
Valherran Apr 18 2014, 2:52pm says:

Nice looking, that's for sure. Was still hoping you would use my Gears of War fatality idea with that Chainsaw though. :-P

+2 votes   media: The Saw is the Law
Valherran Apr 9 2014, 3:40pm says:

Wheels stuck out straight from the chassis, not at an angle like you have it.

+1 vote   media: Ordos-Havester
Valherran Mar 22 2014, 8:01am says:

Oh good, you fixed the wing span. Looks nice!

+2 votes   media: Ornithopter-game
Valherran Mar 4 2014, 1:41pm says:

LOL, might as well do a Space Marine MOD and add the other stuff. XD

+2 votes   mod: Doc's Doom Mod
Valherran Feb 16 2014, 9:36pm says:

I would recommend that you guys stick to default settings when using this, there are a lot of bugs that need fixing still.

+2 votes   download: DoomRPG v0.95
Valherran Feb 10 2014, 8:26am says:

Good looking models you got there, will be tracking. :-)

+1 vote   mod: Aliens versus Predator Classic Stasis
Valherran Feb 9 2014, 9:01pm says:

One thing that always bugged me about these turrets, is that the gun barrel always pointed upward and not able to go downward. I would totally be all for you editing it so that the barrel actually does point down if something is below it.

+1 vote   media: turret,rocket-turret
Valherran Jan 12 2014, 3:10pm says:

Decent looking, but it looks nothing like any of the other refineries seen in the games if that is what you are aiming for.

+1 vote   media: ASpice Refinery
Valherran Jan 1 2014, 10:07pm says:

Toxin General didn't get any buffs? Sucks to be him.

+2 votes   article: Contra 008 Beta 2 released and changelog (part 15)
Valherran Dec 24 2013, 10:07am says:

Someone ported this episode to PC, but I forgot where I saw it...

+1 vote   media: No Rest for the Living - Nerve Software
Valherran Nov 30 2013, 6:34am says:

Oh my those look painful...

+6 votes   media: Laser defenses
Valherran Nov 26 2013, 4:46pm says:


+1 vote   media: Barracks
Valherran Nov 24 2013, 6:57pm replied:

Agreed, been playing since 93 and have yet to stop. lol

+3 votes   group: DoomDb - The official Doom WAD sharing group!
Valherran Nov 2 2013, 10:47pm says:

We will see when you put out the new version I guess... :-P

+1 vote   media: Meet the squad leader....
Valherran Nov 2 2013, 12:42am says:

Didn't I suggest this idea a couple years ago? O.o

+2 votes   media: Sucsess! The vehicle squad lives again!
Valherran Oct 31 2013, 12:08am says:

Has stealth... I am seriously gonna hate fighting this thing... X.x

+2 votes   media: NOD Colossus
Valherran Oct 22 2013, 2:25pm says:

That's much better, now you just need to polish the textures and you are good to go.

+1 vote   media: Harvester
Valherran Oct 20 2013, 3:52pm says:

Good on ya! Expose the bastards! >:@

+7 votes   article: Cheaters list
Valherran Oct 14 2013, 11:58pm says:

The design looks good, but everything looks kinda... Wobbly... Is the best term I can describe it. The lines aren't straight on anything, so it is like looking at something at a distance through 100 degree heat. That's my 2 cents

+1 vote   media: New Nod design
Valherran Oct 5 2013, 1:50pm says:

Looks good!

+1 vote   media: Re Texture GDI Orca Bomber
Valherran Sep 15 2013, 10:02pm says:

Yay an update! Nice building! :-)

+3 votes   media: UC Command test 1
Valherran Sep 10 2013, 5:35pm says:

Окна должны быть больше.

+1 vote   media: Games
Valherran Sep 7 2013, 3:51pm replied:

Фронт немного слишком долго, и все это должно быть немного расширены. И разве Trikes и рейдеры имеют двойное пулеметы на верхней?

+1 vote   media: Raider
Valherran Sep 7 2013, 3:47pm says:

The front is a tad bit too long, and the whole thing needs to be widened a bit. And didn't the Trikes and Raiders have dual machine guns on the top?

+1 vote   media: Raider
Valherran Aug 17 2013, 4:28pm says:

... Would much prefer a new patch to the mod, but this is cool too, thanks for the upload.

+2 votes   article: Soundtrack Released
Valherran Jul 31 2013, 4:50am says:

Great move, will track! ^^

+3 votes   article: Still Alive
Valherran Jun 14 2013, 7:38am says:

Hey, I have a problem with the DL, almost every file in it keeps extracting as a 0 KB file. I tried to DL and extract on other computers and got the same result, any suggestions? :-/

+2 votes   download: Crystallized Doom 1.9.31 [Outdated]
Valherran Jun 7 2013, 6:06pm says:

Looks like Skeletor with a doom guy helmet.

+2 votes   media: Is it Megaman?
Valherran May 8 2013, 1:40pm says:

Those Reapers are moving really slow...

+1 vote   media: Dominion Ghost
Valherran Apr 4 2013, 8:56pm says:

Good changes, however the AI for Toxin General is broken just so you all know.

+1 vote   article: Contra 008 changelog (part 14)
Valherran Mar 19 2013, 1:21pm says:

I don't see any difference. :-/

+1 vote   media: Ambient growling test
Valherran Mar 18 2013, 9:34am replied:

Those are probably place holders for something better.

+2 votes   media: Harvesting System In Action
Valherran Mar 14 2013, 7:46am replied:

A New Dawn is just WC3 ported to SC2, this MOD appears to be WoW ported to SC2, with WC3 gameplay.

+2 votes   mod: War4craft : Battle Realms
Valherran Mar 11 2013, 5:55am says:

ooo, I like this, gonna track it. ^^

+1 vote   mod: JAGbot
Valherran Mar 6 2013, 3:20am says:

I hope you can fix the way it fires it's weapons. Metal Gear Rex was designed to be an ICB unit, and not a front line attacker. Basically what I am saying is, is that you need to fix it so that the cannons aim properly in the direction it fires it's projectiles.

+1 vote   media: SDI Armored Rail Gear
Valherran Feb 13 2013, 2:45am says:

So the Gundams basically gives off an aura that unlocks special abilities on nearby mobile suits? Or do the mobile suits get them/make purchasable when called down via support power?

+1 vote   media: The power of the UC Gundams
Valherran Feb 6 2013, 1:18am says:

Ultralisk with spore cannons? O.o

+2 votes   media: Zerg super unit WIP
Valherran Jan 27 2013, 7:24pm replied:

Yes, it is a Spectre.

+1 vote   media: Stealth System and Chrono boost footage
Valherran Jan 25 2013, 6:04am says:

Woah that looks like a cutscene straight out of a Westwood video, nice one.

+6 votes   media: Titan Patrol
Valherran Jan 1 2013, 10:21pm says:

I am not one of the people that bug you about the Brutal Arsenal, but may I request that you at least fix the bugs on the guns before you get 0.18 going? That would be very awesome of you.

+7 votes   article: 2013 - A New Year for Brutality
Valherran Nov 25 2012, 11:43am says:

hmmm... honestly I think it could use more of an armored look. It looks frail even though it isn't.

+2 votes   media: Laser Turret
Valherran Oct 17 2012, 3:26pm replied:

Not just because of the Kodiaks themselves, but when they start getting them, that pic happens. lol

+1 vote   media: Um... fixed GDI's AI issue.....
Valherran Oct 17 2012, 2:29am says:

And now you know why I voted GDI. Also they expand frequently cus of that support power you put in.

+1 vote   media: Um... fixed GDI's AI issue.....
Valherran Sep 16 2012, 9:49am replied:

I have to agree... Looks to much like the standard Overlord.

+2 votes   media: China Emperor
Valherran Sep 15 2012, 7:39pm says:

Infested BCs? Yikes...

+1 vote   media: zerg.
Valherran Sep 12 2012, 5:00am replied:

TBH, there is enough support powers as it is, I like the long build timer from Space Command idea better. It will be similar to Scrin's Fleet Beacon building Mother Ships.

+1 vote   media: The Kodiak is back
Valherran Sep 11 2012, 10:54pm says:

^ Lightish red damn you! lol

+9 votes   media: Viet Cong Reinforcements
Valherran Aug 31 2012, 7:12pm says:

I hope it's rate of fire is decent, then it will be a top tier Scrin Infantry.

+1 vote   media: Scrin Bioroid Take 2
Valherran Aug 14 2012, 4:29pm says:

Reminds of a mobile version of the Chinese Hackers from Generals. A semi related question here, can you please make it so that all factions can restore their infantry numbers via Barracks structure?

+1 vote   media: GDI Infantry Camera Units
Valherran Jul 28 2012, 4:27pm says:

LMFAO! ALl that's missing is the heads leaving blood splats on the walls when they hit, then it's perfect! XD

+2 votes   media: THIS IS SPARTAAA
Valherran Jul 23 2012, 3:21am says:

Damn, those Wolverines are moving way too fast, animation is good though.

Titan is lookin good.

Juggernaut could extend it's legs a bit more when walking, then it would be golden.

+1 vote   media: Wolverine Juggernaut Titan Animation
Valherran Jul 17 2012, 8:28am says:


+3 votes   media: Diablo 3 players quit in masses
Valherran Apr 14 2012, 1:37am replied:

It pulls money out of it's *** and gives it to you for each picture it takes. However I think azuza said in the comments page that it gives money every some-odd seconds just for being present till shot down/duration expires?

+1 vote   media: GDI's new power, the Economy Recovery Drone
Valherran Apr 13 2012, 1:53am says:

Actualy, someone did manage to code the AI to build bases back in 1998. Problem was though, it was an addon file and to play with other people against that AI, they could only do it via LAN. This also happens to be the same guy who managed to make a trainer that had code option that weren't in the other, namely that regeneration option that we talked about a few months back.

+2 votes   article: Base building in C&C95 Skirmish
Valherran Mar 27 2012, 4:40am says:

When it comes to Blizzard games, things do come to an end. Hopefuly you will continue to support what you have available afterwards. :-)

+1 vote   article: About some problems and..
Valherran Feb 12 2012, 6:16am says:

An update? Holy hell it's been a while...

+1 vote   download: Destructive Forces V1.4 FULL
Valherran Dec 27 2011, 4:29pm says:

ummm, DL is not working at all... :-/

+1 vote   download: ultimate super doom 3 patch 4.8
Valherran Dec 19 2011, 2:16am says:

w00t! DL now!

+2 votes   article: The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.11 has been released!
Valherran Dec 3 2011, 11:57pm says:

8 bit destruction at it's finest.

+10 votes   media: EVA V1.0 DECODING COMPLETE
Valherran Dec 1 2011, 4:56pm says:

Is it random? Or does it summon the right tower for the right job?

+1 vote   media: The scrins ultimate show of power - Defense?
Valherran Nov 24 2011, 5:05am says:

I could hardly tell you changed that in the pic. it just looks like a wacked ion storm. lol

+1 vote   media: Forget using the PAC as a fighter carrier....
Valherran Nov 21 2011, 5:38am says:

Hell yeah BattleTech! Would be fun stomping into someone's base with a bunch of Stone Rhinos! lol

+1 vote   media: With Doug's approval, the Avatar "Madcat Mk1"
Valherran Oct 26 2011, 4:22pm says:

Get the pitch forks and torches! String em up! Burn the scrub! Burn the scrub!

+2 votes   article: Don't try and sell gundam RTS.
Valherran Oct 13 2011, 10:26pm says:

I can't even tell if they are female or not by looking at them...

+2 votes   media: Female Peacekeepers
Valherran Sep 22 2011, 6:04pm says:

What in the hell... Details please? O.o

+1 vote   media: MIR
Valherran Sep 21 2011, 5:14am says:

Oh lawd...

+2 votes   media: Mr Shogun
Valherran Sep 9 2011, 6:16pm says:

Interesting concept you got there.

+3 votes   media: GDI Hurricane-ANS
Valherran Aug 29 2011, 6:24pm says:

Maybe it's the modern day stealth and not the stealth that Nod has. The stealth that makes you not show up on the radar?

+8 votes   media: GDI Stealth Jet
Valherran Aug 25 2011, 5:14pm says:

I looked it up, its an ammo pack. :-P

+1 vote   media: Guntank MP upgrade
Valherran Jul 8 2011, 5:10pm says:

It's almost a replica of the Vulture Mech from MechWarrior. It's just missing the torso missile racks.

-3 votes   media: Nod Avatar War Mech
Valherran Jun 14 2011, 7:49pm replied:

Yuri was not about armor, he was about espionage. similar to Nod back in the old days.

+1 vote   media: "Whiplash" Main Battle Tank
Valherran Jun 12 2011, 5:07am says:

Ouch, I will wait till the download is fixed, it will be a while before I get back home anyways.

+2 votes   download: Xenoforce The Original 3 Version 1.1
Valherran Jun 8 2011, 8:17pm says:

Um, explanation needed on that Giga Fortress... O.O

Also I hope those airships are expensive and that they have a build limit...

+1 vote   media: Corrected version of bad ass airship
Valherran May 26 2011, 11:16am says:

That's just cruel...

+1 vote   media: Stealth Tanks Stealth Missile
Valherran Mar 15 2011, 6:42pm says:

Those are good starting ideas, I know little of AW, so I don't know how helpful I can be...

+1 vote   article: Xenoforce 9D has been put to bed, whats next?
Valherran Feb 10 2011, 2:10am says:

good model, just try and get as much fluent movement in that and the rest of them as possible.

+1 vote   media: RX 178 Fully Armored
Valherran Jan 14 2011, 10:57am says:

What the... Why is there 2 C&C 3 pages? Anyways, I will have a look at this...

+3 votes   mod: UFO ALERT - X-COM mod for C&C III Tiberium Wars
Valherran Jan 9 2011, 9:43am says:

You sir are disgrace to the vampire nation. <.<

+7 votes   mod: Vampire Bloodlines: Sparkle Edition
Valherran Dec 1 2010, 9:55am says:


+1 vote   media: C&C 5: Tiberian Deception (Mod) Teaser
Valherran Nov 27 2010, 7:00pm replied:

Means it's good, won't worry much about Harv hunters... <.<

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence 1.5
Valherran Nov 26 2010, 2:25pm says:

What's he do with that staff?

+1 vote   media: Update
Valherran Nov 22 2010, 8:27am says:

finnaly, the wait is almost over! ^^

+1 vote   article: MOTY and Mod News
Valherran Nov 20 2010, 4:37am replied:

You mean that jolly green giant that's twice that size of the normal Avatars? O.o

+2 votes   mod: The End Of All Things
Valherran Nov 19 2010, 7:21pm says:

Does this thing spread like a plague if not weeded like it did in TS and Firstorm?

+1 vote   media: Vein Hole added
Valherran Nov 17 2010, 7:34pm says:

Nice, I kicked *** at WC2. Would be cool to see this on the WC3 Engine. ^^

+1 vote   mod: Warcraft 3: Tides of Darkness
Valherran Nov 15 2010, 9:15pm says:

All it needs is frost coated armor, an there you go!

+1 vote   media: Snow skins
Valherran Nov 15 2010, 5:54pm replied:

probly the KW one. Can you post some screenshots of the Core Defender? I would REALLY like to see it. :-)

+2 votes   mod: The End Of All Things
Valherran Nov 5 2010, 4:30pm says:

Hey that's pretty close the real thing, nice one.

+1 vote   media: Update
Valherran Sep 13 2010, 11:47am says:

What's there not to like?

and YAY we finnaly get a release! ^^

+3 votes   article: Know Your Army: Forgotten Units, Structures, and Support Powers
Valherran Sep 3 2010, 10:47am says:

The most overpowered creature in the game, the Vampire...

+1 vote   article: Gosh Darn It!
Valherran Aug 13 2010, 1:04pm says:


+1 vote   media: Yanwang
Valherran Jun 12 2010, 9:15am says:

Omega Cannon really needed that stealth. Nice Change Log BTW, I like it alot, very well balanced. ^^

+1 vote   article: Contra 008 changelog (part 8)
Valherran Jun 8 2010, 9:36am says:

I would like to request extra features to the skirmish menu such as enabling an Infantry only setting or an option to disable super weapons.

A playable campaign for all factions would be nice too. :-)

+1 vote   article: Bonus Pack announced!
Valherran May 24 2010, 7:45pm says:

The one thing that annoyed me about the digging for the tanks is that this MOD and TE don't have the tanks dig in far enough like the Tick Tanks did in TS. If you can make it so it looks like it's buried instead of just 2 inches into the ground, that would be cool.

+2 votes   media: Nod Scorption changes
Valherran May 22 2010, 2:29am says:

Fear the floaters they will consume us all! XD

+3 votes   article: Introducing Black Zones
Valherran May 6 2010, 5:46pm says:

AH, Basic MODs FTW, I will have a look at this when I am able, then I can tell you if it needs tweaking or not. ;-)

0 votes   mod: Long War
Valherran Apr 20 2010, 3:10am says:

Nice, I will get number 1 every match guaranteed. XD

+1 vote   mod: ScoreDoom/ScoreDoomST
Valherran Mar 22 2010, 12:45am says:

Well the Titan and Wolverine weren't terrible but they are off from the original thing, the Jumpjet Infantry as said a while ago is they need to be fixed, such things include the target seeking (if the target is behind cover and not in LOS to get shot at by the JJI, the JJI just sit there and do nothing.) and their flight is too stable meaning they are flying in perfect tragectories as opposed to correcting their flight as they move, take the Rocketeers from Red ALert 2 for example, thats how these guys should be flying, give em a little bounce! :-D

+5 votes   article: Mod news
Valherran Mar 14 2010, 12:47am says:

This is all pretty cool, any chance you could add a reload feature for the weapons? That is ALL I ask...

+1 vote   mod: Aliens versus Predator Classic Redux
Valherran Mar 12 2010, 2:59pm says:

Neat, looks like a WW2 Sherman Tank. XD

-1 votes   media: M551 Sheridan
Valherran Mar 12 2010, 2:59pm says:

Anti-Air capable I hope?

+1 vote   media: M1A2 Modified Battle Tank
Valherran Feb 28 2010, 4:04am says:

Interesting indeed, tracking...

+1 vote   mod: C&C: Tiberian Eclipse
Valherran Feb 13 2010, 11:59pm says:

This is going to be great, I am watching this! ^^

+1 vote   mod: Command and Conquer: Opposing Force.
Valherran Oct 1 2009, 2:56pm says:

I will e-mail you the eDuke log, I can't post it here for some reason, I am using the latest eDuke I believe...

+1 vote   mod: Blood Weapon Mod
Valherran Sep 11 2009, 10:55am says:

Chrono warp! USSR is now GDI! LOL, looks interesting I will keep watch.

+2 votes   mod: Tiberium Era
Valherran Jul 30 2009, 2:44pm says:

Don't make this MOD too easy, I have conquered the rest of them heh. You should definantly make the final boss extremely hard, I will watch this MOD, please do not dissapoint us Doom Fans...

+1 vote   mod: EvilStar: Beyond Doom
Valherran May 14 2009, 4:11pm says:

Fallout 3 would not be my 1st choice, I would use something else, and that Tripod looks off...

+1 vote   mod: Tiberium World
Valherran May 1 2009, 11:36am says:

There are but the majority of the mods were never completed, this MOD will be fun provided that he completes it!

+1 vote   mod: Command & Conquer: The Third Tiberium War
Valherran Apr 30 2009, 10:56pm says:

I wish i could help but i can't bring my laptop to work in this area.:-(

+1 vote   article: Looking for Alpha Testers!
Valherran Apr 23 2009, 4:11pm says:

Sorry for late reply, i know you can add guns into map packs, but to me thats considered cheating, thats why i want people to add guns to their MODs and maps other than the fact that the standard Doom guns bore me now... :-(

+1 vote   mod: Doom X
Valherran Sep 6 2008, 10:39pm says:

LMFAO, i will kill you all!

+1 vote   mod: Counter-Strike ZDoom
Valherran May 31 2008, 8:03pm says:

Interesting...ill be waiting for future release.

+1 vote   article: C&C 3: The Forgotten Announced; New Media
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