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Vagrant-Wolf Jan 4 2013, 6:25pm says:

Even the Lite version still runs slow, and even if I lower every setting to the minimum it's still as much slow as with normal settings! I don't get it, what's the problem with this mod? :/ My specs can't be the issue since I can play smoothly at 1280x res. and this mod even at minimal graphic settings lags a lot. I really wanna enjoy this one, looks very good, so what can I do?

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Vagrant-Wolf Jan 1 2013, 12:34pm replied:

Wait, what?! There are 3 endings?!

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Vagrant-Wolf Jan 1 2013, 12:28pm replied:

Oh well, perhaps you should have given a better chance for that monster to shine, haha. Anyway, this will remain one of my favorite custom stories, once again, great job :)

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Vagrant-Wolf Dec 25 2012, 8:09am replied:

That's why it all sounded kinda familiar. One question though:


Does anything really follow you during the garden part? Didn't notice anything follow me, I just ran a little, turned back to look if there was some new monster design, and nothing was there, just the music playing :P

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Vagrant-Wolf Dec 24 2012, 8:30pm replied:

LOL perhaps it was the effect of me playing the game all the way since I started after midnight until 4 in the morning; maybe that had something to do with it :P Anyway, great job, I finished it, especially the end bit was very cool, and I liked how you managed in SH4's boss music. As a side note, I noticed that no item stayed in the inventory after its final use (since there were certain ones that remained for a quite a bit) and the funny thing is that I had during the last part of the game: the lantern, the dagger, and the bucket full with water - my first thought was to throw the water on the blue flames XD

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Vagrant-Wolf Dec 23 2012, 10:34pm says:

So far, it's one of the best Amnesia CS that I've played... But I am stuck. Not sure if it's a bug, but the door that leads to The Upstairs (just after you crawl from the hidden passage in the prisons) is not opening. Am I missing something? I searched everywhere and still nothing.

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