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Halo:The First Encounter

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This mod, while it appears relatively high quality suffers from the use of ported content. Use of such content is illegal, and detracts from the overall experience of playing the mod. Additionally, the mod suffers from balance issues, which, while not severe, do impact game-play. Finally, the use of high-poly, ported, and unoptimized models can cause severe performance issues for the average user. In its current state, this mod is - in my sole estimation - not worthy of download. Perhaps, in its final form, it will rise above its current level, however its current use of ported content, unbalanced units, lack of custom animations, and unoptimized models makes it undesirable for all but the most hard-core Halo enthusiasts running high-end computers. If the quality of this mod is compared with the quality and performance of similar mods for Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption, such as Halo: Covenant at War, and Halo: Campaign Commander 2, one will find that Halo: The First Encounter is severely lacking. Overall, I feel this mod deserves a rating of four out of ten.


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