An aspiring writer and avid gamer. Has a tendency to go on and on about...well, anything. Has been known to heap gratuitous amounts of praise upon individuals without warning, though never without cause. Can be critical when it is required, but mostly prefers to comment on what he enjoys and not what he hates (mostly because he doesn't like to hate). An internet transient, he rarely sticks around any place except those places quiet and interesting. Such places have included Operation CWAL and the Sword of the Stars forums, but the latter has been rather busy of late. Hates limitations, especially those imposed by phpbb forums upon time and freedom to browse a little and catch up on the rest later. A fan of Anime and Manga, though mostly Manga. Tends to drift from topic to topic with no coherent unifying thought, except that these are the elements of Tssha's life...


No blog entries have been posted here. Boring yes, but as confucius says - if you have nothing good to say, why say anything at all? Check back later, perhaps something exciting will pop-up and be worth blogging about, like season 3 of the teletubbies.

Speak your mind, rant about games, mods and the development scene, it's simple and who knows maybe someone will read it and agree. It will feel right!

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