I am living in Shanghai at this moment. Currently I am one of only a handful of active devs on the TripleA game engine project, and I also create mods/games/maps for it as well.

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TripleA 1.5 release days away

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I and the other 2-3 developers have been hard at work, and this is finally going to pay off big time with a new release. TripleA unstable version 1.5 will be released, hopefully on this Saturday (Jan 28, 2012). Among many new engine updates, I and another two contributors (VictorInPacific and Hepster) have finished writing a game playing manual / rulebook for the game. It is basically done and we are just waiting on hep to finish some art for it.
I'm still debating whether to release it on Desura or not. It is technically an unstable release, and could contain bugs, so my default choice is to wait for a future and more stable release before releasing it to Desura. However, everyone will be able to get it from our webpage if they are interested in seeing the new features or testing it.
- Chris

TripleA will be expanded to allow flexible alliances and general politics

TripleA_Developers Blog 1 comment

I have been working with my friends and other devs, mostly Edwin and Frig, to expand TripleA's engine to allow for politics.
This has involved a lot of re work, but in the end our goal is to allow users to have a separate phase called Politics where they will be able to perform certain actions like changing their alliances. Of course this would have set conditions, and will be fully integrated with the trigger system so that you can have players automatically switch alliances (like USA going to war with Japan after turn 3 / attack on Pearl Harbour).

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