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Trial @ Chaotic Land

No scanner explains that then, i cant draw for on PC period, so u're prob better than me on that part.

the whole "finesse" thing just went out the window, so dont worry about it, my bad. If they were hand drawings however, i meant to say they lack finesse as in proportions and such, for the 3d modeler to work from. If u ever used Maya or any other #d modeling application, u'd get my point, need them proportions and details there, ore u're modeling blind.

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Trial @ Project Serpent: Reign of Venom

This is the only Oblivion Mod that caught my attention, since its actually the good ol game Hexen that i loved as a kid. I'm very interested in drawing for this mod if u need it, worked on a few other mods that went dead due to leaders having "personal issues" among other things.

There's tons of cool idead for mods, but sadly only a few of them survives,and i seriously hope this is one of em. Building a mod on top of Hexen limits the mod tho, unless u wanna stray from the original creatures and maps, and make something that fits the classic genre.

I'm all for drawing both the old and new creatures and charaters,i know em inside out,been cooping Hexen 1 and 2 alot.

Here's a link to my gallery:

All art is done by me, some are from fans,but that will be listed in the creds of the art. I go by the name ChronoAlien on DA.

If u want my help, im more than happy to slap some ink on paper for u.


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Trial @ Chaotic Land

forgot the links:P

Project is on ice at the moment,so leaves me alot of time working with u people. The concept u have now is fine, not saying this to put the current artists down, if he's still on it, but he lacks finesse,and i say that with respect from one artist to another,training is a must.

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Trial @ Chaotic Land

As old as this game is, it's by far one of the best RPG's out there, but like Oblivion, people failed to implement Coop. As for myself, i ONLLY play coop games, singleplayer games makes me feel im wasting time...

Anyway, i am a concept artists,been working on a Comic with a few friends, and i've had a few jobs in other mods,that all went dead thanks to leaders who had "personal issues"

I'm willing to join up IF this mod keeps going,and if the modders are good. I failed to see any pics here, wich is why im beeing a scpetic about it. Everytime i draw sumthing, the modelers fail to render them as i want em to be, that is not a good thing. Belive me i've seen "ok" modelers, but the concept art kinda acts like a guideline for the model. If u cant hit it, dont make it,renders concept artists useless.

Now, all i have is a Deviant Art Gallery for u, havent drawn ina while, but it will give u a overall look at my skills. I'm higlhy detailed and mostly do monster,character and gear art, since mappers tend to do maps...well,just fine on their own. Buildings is also sumthing i can provide, altough i lack the training in perspective for em,but then again...its concept. Monsters and chars is my area for sure,and i'd love to give it a go if u guys are serious about this. Been wasting alot of time on promising mods as it is.

Trial out!

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