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Mortal Online

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The most immersive MMO I´ve ever played. I have never had my heart racing as much as when I play this game. If you want a sandbox in the same style and spirit like UO but with better graphics, MO is the way to go. The dev team is very small, but they do wonders with what they have. It´s still unpolished here and there, but I rather have a buggy sandbox like MO then a smooth themepark like WoW. Also SV sommunicate with their playerbase almost on a daily bases, and really take in the opinion from their players when it comes to what direction the game should take.
For some weird reason the game has some truly horrible haters. That stalk the game all over the internet to paint SV like liars etc. It´s truly amazng to which extent some of them go. And to read Kuthura, if that is Kuthura from Koto, puking lies here, then I feel sorry for him. I was in Koto and Kuthura was butthurt by SV when they didn´t go our way in a siege that ended with us losing our keep. Talk about taking the game to personal. They had the facts. Not us. And we would have lost that keep either way. But soon after he left and now come here to rage. So sad.
So all new players, I recomend making up your own mind. Don´t listen to much to fanbois or haters. Make up your own mind like your parents would tell you. The gaming world need more games like MO. Not more themepark crap. :P

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