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ToTac Oct 3 2014, 9:57pm says:

Awesome! And so is the Apache!

+1 vote   media: Osprey
ToTac May 9 2014, 4:55pm says:

Niiiice o_o

+2 votes   media: Preview
ToTac Apr 1 2014, 8:02pm says:

Hey there. I just realized an old comment of yours from Sep 29th 2012 ( and I want to thank you for that! :)
By "realize" I don't mean I haven't read it back then, but I guess I forgot about it and since it was an outstanting comment I feel bad for not responding to it in any way.

So, that's that.

Also: Good luck with your HL:Source Redux project!

+1 vote   member: renanthevampire
ToTac Mar 23 2014, 4:24pm says:

Nice lightning back there! Everything as awesome as always.

The only thing that looks a bit weird, if you think about it, are the round brickstone corners, but only of you care about realism. Otherwise I dont mind them and I am sure nobody else does.

+1 vote   media: common offices
ToTac Mar 22 2014, 4:57pm replied:

Yes and no :)
I am learning C++ since January. It might take some more months until I will finally touch Half-Life code but I definitely want to continue the mod!

Thanks for your interest!

+3 votes   mod: Nohra's Concealment
ToTac Mar 18 2014, 11:35am replied:

Thank you! :)
Yes, dynamic would be ubercool indeed.

+1 vote   media: Custom Desktop Background
ToTac Feb 22 2014, 7:39pm says:

*Thumbs up*

+1 vote   download: HL: TEA - Bugfix
ToTac Feb 16 2014, 5:34am says:

Extremely nice :)

+1 vote   media: creeping
ToTac Jan 25 2014, 9:00pm says:

Hi there :)
I tried Jackhammer for some time now. First of all, it's very nice to see that there are some people who still create tools for quake based games, so thanks a lot to the developers of such tools!

As you might know there are several other thirdparty editors for Quakes map format, respectively hammer clones, and I have to admit that I've never found any of them as good as the original. I dont say that because they lack awesome new features, no, they just lacked simple features of the original Hammer editor, which seem so important to me, that I dont even bother to use anything else, no matter how awesome it might be otherwise.

Yes of course, it is still an alpha version and I surely dont want to offend anybody by just throwing mean trollkiddygarbagelanguage at you, so please just take it as my personal opinion.

So, here is what I am missing in Jackhammer most at the moment:

- in Hammer I am able to drag the 2d views by pressing Space+LeftMouseButton, in Jackhammer its the MiddleMouseButton only and I cant seem to modify the hotkeys yet
- a possibility to adjust the color/brightness of the grid
- the possibility to move selected vertices in vertex mode by pressing the arrow-keys or moving them directly in the 3d view with the LeftMouseButton

Thats all for now I guess.
Continue the good work!

+3 votes   download: [obsolete] Jackhammer 1.0.155 (Win32)
ToTac Oct 30 2013, 11:20pm says:

Nice details on the walls. I also like the doors and ceiling.

+1 vote   media: Chemical Research laboratories
ToTac Jul 6 2013, 8:16pm says:

Doesn't look as tough as Vasquez but she will do the job! :)

+1 vote   media: Female Marine
ToTac Jun 16 2013, 7:43pm says:

Old textures, old engine, old style.
How can this still look so good :)

+3 votes   media: Nothing
ToTac Jun 10 2013, 7:56pm replied:

Trempler planned to use it in a Sven Coop map. I dont know if he has finished it already.

+2 votes   media: Robot Eye
ToTac Jun 10 2013, 7:53pm replied:

Haha, I already thought someone might think that when seeing two robot projects in a row but its totally random in fact :)

+1 vote   media: Insect Robot
ToTac Jun 9 2013, 8:45am says:

Nice :)

However I have to admit that I never really liked wearing fov-limiting stuff in games. The gasmask in Paranoia was one example.
But I guess you just have to get used to it.

+2 votes   media: Gas Mask
ToTac Jun 9 2013, 8:39am says:

Einfach nur hervorragend :)

Schon allein die Decals da hinten an der Wand sind gut platziert. Tolle Details, tolles Licht, perfekte Szene. Erinnert mich sehr an einen Bereich aus Opposing Force.

+1 vote   media: s1a1
ToTac Jun 8 2013, 2:11pm says:

His face, epic!
Was that face-texture made from a stock-photo or delivered by a team member? :D I bet its one of the developers, right?

+1 vote   media: Lead Character Wallpapers
ToTac Jun 8 2013, 1:36pm says:


+1 vote   media: Last Supply (WIP)
ToTac Jun 8 2013, 1:36pm says:

Nice rails by the way.

+2 votes   media: Drink, Drug, Gamble, Game
ToTac Jun 8 2013, 1:23pm says:

I can already hear the orchestra.

+6 votes   media: BM-13 Katyusha
ToTac Jun 8 2013, 1:15pm says:

Very nice atmosphere and lightning :)

+1 vote   media: deep inside black mesa freezer
ToTac Jun 8 2013, 1:05pm says:

Very nice area and good rocks!

+1 vote   media: s1a1
ToTac Apr 16 2013, 1:29pm says:


+3 votes   media: Bonus Level (End)
ToTac Apr 16 2013, 1:25pm says:

Very nice effect.
Also very nice canyon and river.

+1 vote   media: custimized view acceleration for trigger_camera
ToTac Apr 12 2013, 9:26am replied:

Glad you liked it, thanks too :)

+6 votes   article: How to get a model from Blender to GoldSRC
ToTac Apr 10 2013, 9:35pm says:

Really nice models! :)
And great to see something is going on in the Freespace universe.

+3 votes   game: Inferno
ToTac Jan 27 2013, 3:48am says:

Maybe a little late but a happy new year to you too! :)

+2 votes   member: Thanoshld
ToTac Jan 27 2013, 3:48am replied:

Thanks :D

+2 votes   member: ToTac
ToTac Dec 15 2012, 7:05pm replied:

Danke danke :)

+2 votes   mod: Nohra's Concealment
ToTac Dec 15 2012, 7:41am replied:

Sounds very interesting, thank you in advance! :)

+2 votes   article: A summary of the project
ToTac Dec 14 2012, 2:09pm says:

Classic railway, nice :)

+1 vote   media: Nothing
ToTac Dec 11 2012, 6:31pm replied:

Right, thanks :)

+1 vote   media: a cloudy day
ToTac Oct 3 2012, 8:34am says:

Oh well, if you want to relax, dont visit the GamesCom :/
Sometimes I wish there would only be 10% of all the visitors and noise but I guess that will never happen.

+1 vote   article: Update 221, The Lockdown & Eurogamer
ToTac Sep 28 2012, 4:25am says:

Didnt play it yet...

Leveldesign, gameplay and atmo are A++ :)

This mod gives the impression of a real Half-Life addon.

Also: Good playtest.

+2 votes   media: Playtest (Contain Spoiler)
ToTac Jun 5 2012, 2:57pm replied:

Oh come oooooon! xD

+9 votes   media: Call me Xenmaster
ToTac Nov 30 2011, 7:10pm says:

Thanks for this!

Since the official forums are dead these are some of the last good SoHL documentations around the web!

Especially the guy who is carrying his giant **** around xD
Sorry, I can not stop laughing... too hilarious.

+3 votes   article: Spirit of Half-Life entities
ToTac May 11 2011, 12:19pm replied:

Thats no problem, every additional information can be useful :)

+3 votes   media: M2 Bradley (HECU)
ToTac May 10 2011, 6:38pm replied:

I dont think I will add another middle-sized military vehicle to the game. I rather planned something small and handy, maybe a Humvee, but thats also not very necessary.
Anyway, thanks a lot for the infos! :)

+2 votes   media: M2 Bradley (HECU)
ToTac May 5 2011, 12:37am says:

I like it :)

+2 votes   media: Seafoam
ToTac Apr 15 2011, 7:18am replied:

Hopefully not the last one, right?! ;D

+2 votes   article: New homepage and an updated profile for ModDB
ToTac Apr 14 2011, 3:10pm says:

Has to be a darker shade of green, thats not a picnic-box, right?! ;D

-1 votes   media: RPG Ammo Case
ToTac Feb 4 2011, 3:46am replied:

THX :)
I dont have planned new weapons yet, but maybe some modifications of existing enemys. Furthermore the suit will get some new fancy features.

+2 votes   media: Storage Props 2
ToTac Jan 26 2011, 2:17pm says:

Thats definitely worth a look :)
I like the few ideas you can see here.

+1 vote   media: Artwork
ToTac Dec 2 2010, 10:13am says:

Thats a really beautiful and more important a believable female game character, like Alyx Vance. Not a busty Tomb Raider-like bitch at all, thanks therefor.

+9 votes   media: Nuclear Dawn - Consortium Stealth Assassin
ToTac Apr 25 2009, 4:40pm replied:

The skybox is only showing a static sandstorm yet. Later there will be added particle-effects from SoHL to simulate a storm within the map itself.

+1 vote   media: Intro Canyon
ToTac Jul 6 2007, 12:36pm says:

There is a part one, but unfortunately i lost many years ago. It wasnt a real mod, only a small map. Its not related to Outbreak 2, so you dont miss anything off the story or whatever ^^

@All: THX for your comments : )

+1 vote   mod: Nohra's Concealment
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